Offre Sante 140x120SOCOTEC has developed a health and product safety offering for European and international markets to help companies, particularly manufacturers, meet their challenges.
The offering covers health impacts related to chemicals, in the broadest sense of the word: basic chemicals, intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biocides, phyto-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, mixtures and chemicals in articles.

Product safety, occupational health and environmental health have become strategic issues for companies in terms of protecting the health of people and the environment, as well as from economic, legal and image impacts.
Through its specialist team, headed by Dr Patrick Lévy, who joined the Group in June 2014, SOCOTEC supports companies by helping them to develop risk assessment and management by anticipating long-term impacts and by converting constraints into opportunities for innovation.

Product safety

  • Assistance with the development of your short-, medium- and long-term product strategy, with a cross-business vision, and regulatory intelligence analysis
  • Management of regulatory compliance (REACH , CLP , biocides, pharmaceutical and phyto-pharmaceutical products, SDS , etc.) on a full-service or “à la carte” basis covering key strategic business segments
  • Expertise and support on complex issues (registration and enquiry strategy)
  • Management of consortium (registration, authorisation, etc.)
  • Substitution of substances of very high concern (SVHC), R&D programme
  • Audit of product safety management (product stewardship)

Occupational health

  • Definition of workplace risk assessment strategies (industrial hygiene and safety) in a complex or multi-site context, feasibility of new occupational exposure limit values
  • Conducting multi-site measurement campaigns
  • Traceability management, including management of past exposure: reconstitution of exposure
  • Organisation and content of medical surveillance and bio-monitoring

Environmental health

  • Strategic support on issues at the interface between companies and society: endocrine disruptors, nanomaterials, respiratory and cutaneous sensitisers, drug residue in water, micro-pollutants, phyto-pharmaceutical products, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality – assessment of sick building syndrome (SBS)
  • Social/societal dialogue, stakeholder committee, CSR

An offering that is supported by a dedicated team:
- Patrick Lévy: manager of the Health & Product Safety business unit ; medical doctor; toxicologist
- Valérie Sapin: chemical PhD
- Estelle Augarde: environmental health engineer

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REACH: Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (European regulation)
CLP: Classification, Labelling and Packaging (European regulation)
SDS: Safety Data Sheet; PDS: Product Safety Data Sheet
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility


SOCOTEC nucleaire - power servicesSOCOTEC Power Services supports players in the energy sector throughout their industrial projects, from feasibility study to decommissioning.


SOCOTEC Power Services provides a comprehensive range of services, including works inspection, supervision and monitoring, project quality assurance/quality control, quantity surveying, qualification of welders and welding operating modes (pressure equipment), as well as assistance to owners.
The skills of the SOCOTEC Power Services teams are continuously upgraded by the constant analysis of feedback, guaranteeing that you have the responsiveness and expertise required to help you meet your safety, conformity and reliability objectives.

Why choose SOCOTEC Power Services?

  • Over 25 years of experience;
  • In-depth knowledge of the nuclear culture and the constraints relating to operating nuclear facilities (power plants, research centres, design centres, nuclear submarine maintenance);
  • More than 220 qualified and accredited nuclear engineers and technicians;
  • The ability to adapt to each client’s organisation and methods, whether for one-off manufacturing inspection and monitoring services, the planning and performance of your project’s quality programme, or assistance to owners;
  • Sophisticated equipment including various radioactive sources and inspection systems (3D radar, Ferroscan, magnetic particle testing, ultrasound, etc.);
  • A proven quality and safety management system;
  • Rigorous monitoring of employees exposed to ionising radiation;
  • A guarantee of independence and confidentiality;
  • The ability to work anywhere worldwide through the SOCOTEC Group’s branches and offices;
  • Five business units in France: Montigny Le Bretonneux, Cherbourg, Bollène, Orléans and Donges.

Any questions, or specific requirements?

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