SOCOTEC USA Strengthens Position as a Leader in Testing and Inspection Services with Acquisition of Future Tech Consultants of New York, Gorman Jr. Fire Alarm Consulting, DnA Controlled Inspection, and ANDT Inspection.

Tue 16/04/2024 - 02:54

SOCOTEC reinforces its position as a leader in engineering, testing and inspection services in Infrastructure and Buildings with the four acquisitions.

  • With these acquisitions, SOCOTEC USA enhances its services as a leading provider in supporting customers’ compliance and development of their assets.

  • SOCOTEC creates new, dedicated service offerings for Testing and Inspections for the Building end-market with more than 100 technical experts in these fields of practice ready to offer service

SOCOTEC, a leading provider of TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification), consulting, and advisory services with a strategic focus on building construction and infrastructure, announced the completion of four strategic acquisitions: Future Tech Consultants of New York, (FTC) and DnA Controlled Inspection, two NY-based Special Inspection and testing firms; Gorman Jr. Fire Alarm Consulting Services, a New York City-based consulting firm that deals primarily with fire alarm, sprinkler and other life safety systems, as well as FDNY expediting and consulting; and ANDT Inspection, a non-destructive testing and examination company.

These strategic acquisitions, with a combined workforce of approximately 125 professionals, significantly enhance SOCOTEC USA’s service portfolio and bolster its capabilities in the realm of testing and inspection services.

With a strong commitment to helping clients build and maintain safe and sustainable assets, SOCOTEC continues to lead the way in Engineering Testing, Inspection and Certification services (“ETIC”).

FTC, DnA, and ANDT’s expert Special and Progress Inspections, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), and CMT (Construction Material Testing) services provided to property developers, owners, operators, and other project stakeholders throughout the New York tri-state area align seamlessly with SOCOTEC's existing testing and inspection, and specialty engineering capabilities, while also broadening services within the Northeast, an existing market for SOCOTEC and the largest construction market within the United States.

Gorman Jr. Fire Alarm Consulting (WGJ), a prominent name in the fire protection industry for over 30 years, is uniquely positioned to support property management organizations, owners, and developers in achieving regulatory compliance for a wide variety of buildings, reinforcing and scaling SOCOTEC’s Life Safety service offerings.

This acquisition further reinforces SOCOTEC's extensive portfolio, providing clients with comprehensive in-house solutions throughout every phase of an asset’s lifecycle.

The acquisitions align with SOCOTEC’s initiative to fortify its market presence as well as add to its existing expertise with the formation of new and specialized niche of Service Lines: (1) Special & Progress Inspection and (2) Testing. FTC and DnA will integrate within SOCOTEC’s ETIC division, establishing a more defined Special & Progress Inspection service line, and ANDT expanding the existing Non-Destructive Testing and Examination service line, and WGJ integrating within SOCOTEC’s Life Safety division – all of which strengthen the inspection and testing services already provided by SOCOTEC today.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jeremy Schinasi, Principal of SOCOTEC USA and Practice Leader, responsible for Strategic Partnerships and Integration summarized the partnership as follows: “The acquisitions of WGJ, DnA, FTC, and ANDT strengthen and diversify the full suite of services that we can provide to our clients. With the addition of the expansive offerings for testing and inspections across various building systems, we are now the leading provider in the US, supporting our clients in complying with rigorous legislation that New York City and the tri-State area enforce.”

Stephen and Michael Marchese, President and Vice President, respectively, and Founders of Future Tech Consultants of New York, jointly added “We are excited about our partnership with SOCOTEC and want to thank the team that supported us through this transaction, most notably our sell-side advisor, Anthony Tomaro, CPA. FTC’s team of licensed professional engineers, field engineers, certified technicians, and project managers aligns seamlessly with SOCOTEC’s experts in that all have earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and reliability in the construction industry through their exceptional quality service and impeccable performance record. We look forward to continuing to bring forth unmatched experience and credentials to our existing clients and extend to SOCOTEC’s clients across our diverse range of industry sectors.”

Walter Gorman, Jr., President and Founder of Gorman Jr. Fire Alarm Consulting and DnA Controlled Inspections, saysDuring this crucial time for both businesses, SOCOTEC’s investment provides the ideal platform for continued growth. SOCOTEC’s strategic mindset, strong financial position, support, and similar culture will help us achieve our goals. I am excited to bring my dedicated staff on this journey where they will be able to develop and thrive. I also would like to thank our clients for their trust and continued support throughout the years. We are dedicated to continuing to provide the level of professionalism and commitment that they are accustomed to.”

Marc Weissbach, CEO of SOCOTEC USA, summarized the partnership as follows: “This exciting partnership expands SOCOTEC’s ETIC practice in its service offerings, while also providing additional scale to our existing technical team in New York. The collective team provides a compelling value proposition to our clients by leveraging SOCOTEC’s existing technical expertise in building envelope, specialty engineering, and life safety with profound experience in testing and inspections. The acquisition supports our ambition to become the leading integrated player in the US, helping businesses build a more resilient, sustainable future.”

We are delighted to have these teams of seasoned and committed 125 professionals joining SOCOTEC. This simultaneous move will increase the size of our operations by +15%, leverage our range of services for the Building end-market, and enable us to deploy our recently developed Life Safety vertical in New York and the surrounding region,” added Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group.

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