SOCOTEC’s team of innovative and forward-thinking professionals draw on their experience and knowledge to provide top litigation support, as well as investigatory and solutions-based consulting.

Since SOCOTEC offers services that span the entire project lifecycle, SOCOTEC’s subsidiaries in the USA are internationally recognised as being industry leaders in resolving long, complex disputes. This ranges from negotiating change orders onsite to providing expert witness testimony in a court of law. We approach each matter with a thorough understanding of accepted practices, processes and procedures of claims preparation and defence. Our team of litigation experts also works closely with SOCOTEC’s in-house counsel for investigatory and litigation consulting to ensure our clients achieve the best results.

We also draw from our knowledge and experience as a leader in new construction to help develop smart, cost-effective, one-of-a-kind solutions to complex issues such as water infiltration, code compliance, cost, design and construction viability. We handle claims for projects with a wide range in value – from several thousand dollars to over  a billion. No matter the type of contract or industry sector, our experts are prepared to consult on a wide range of recognised claim entitlements.

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President of Southeast Operations, C2G International, SOCOTEC USA

Bryan BYRD

President of Synergen Consulting, SOCOTEC USA


President of David Pattillo & Associates, SOCOTEC USA

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Vidaris, a SOCOTEC Company, has acquired Veritas Advisory Group, Inc. (Veritas), a dispute resolution and project advisory firm focused on supporting counsel and their clients in the resolution of disputes and arbitration Download