Ethics, integrity and responsibility are central to SOCOTEC's actions

Ethics are central to SOCOTEC's actions

Compliance with local and international laws and regulations plays a key role in the SOCOTEC Group's requirements. This fundamental principle is a requirement that guarantees the Group's integrity and upholds its reputation. 

SOCOTEC's commitment to ethics and transparency is affirmed through its Code of Ethics, which is binding on all of its employees worldwide. This means that every Group company is responsible for ensuring that the Code of Ethics is implemented and enforced, based on the obligations and particularities of its business activities and location.
An annual message goes out to all employees to inform them of the existence of the Code of Ethics.

A reporting procedure allows all Group employees and natural persons to report any crime, offence or threat to public interest.

An Ethics Committee is tasked with enforcing the Code of Ethics, receiving reports of unethical behavior and overseeing the enforcement of the provisions of anti-corruption laws. It has three members:

  1. Bastien Soret, General Counsel, SOCOTEC Group
  2. Sébastien Botin, Human Resources Director, SOCOTEC Group
  3. Clémence Cattelain, Business Lawyer, SOCOTEC Group

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Download SOCOTEC's Code of Ethics in English, French, German and Italian

Code of Ethics - English

This Code of Ethics is a tool that must guide our actions, a vector of consistency and cohesion, and a code of good conduct including the principles set by the Group and the applicable laws.

Code Ethique - Français

Ce Code Ethique est à la fois un outil qui doit guider nos actions, un vecteur de cohérence comme de cohésion, aussi bien qu'un code de bonne conduite comprenant les principes fixés par le Groupe ou par la loi.

Verhaltenskodex - Deutsch

Dieser Verhaltenskodex ist sowohl ein Instrument zur Orientierung unseres Handelns, ein Vektor der Kohärenz und des Zusammenhalts, als auch ein Verhaltensleitfaden, der die von der Gruppe oder per Gesetz festgelegten Grundsätze enthält.

Codice Etico - Italiano

Questo Codice Etico è, al tempo stesso, uno strumento per guidare le nostre azioni, un mezzo per assicurare coerenza e coesione e un codice di buona condotta che racchiude i principi sanciti dal Gruppo o dalla legge.