The rise of renewable energy in the midst of a climate emergency

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 85% of energy needs across the world are filled by non-renewable energies such as coal, gas, nuclear and hydrocarbons. The remaining energy must come from renewable energies which are distinctive in that they replenish themselves naturally and quickly enough to remain inexhaustible in human time.

Renewable energy as a source of hope for the planet

It has long been known that most non-renewable energy options have harmful consequences on the environment. In addition to climate change ascribed primarily to fossil fuels such as oil and coal, these energy sources are also responsible for air pollution that reinforces the harmful consequences of climate change.

Renewable energy is also a source of hope for current and future generations to reverse the non-renewable trend and protect life on Earth. Renewable energy sources are often described as clean energy because they create little to no greenhouse gas or pollution. Their impact on the environment is thus very low. For example, a hydroelectric power plant will generate 100 times less CO2 than a coal-fired power plant.

SOCOTEC provides custom expertise for your facilities and renewable energy equipment.

To address a vast range of existing facilities producing renewable energy, SOCOTEC offers comprehensive support in the fields of bioenergy, wind power and solar panels. SOCOTEC will support your operations in a safe and efficient manner, from pre-project plans to post-operation verification.

SOCOTEC, the leading player in the inspection of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels in France, helps you to implement regulatory requirements and optimise your renewable energy equipment.

SOCOTEC offers regulatory advice services as you build your facilities. In addition to technical control throughout the construction period, SOCOTEC teams will provide end-to-end assistance to guarantee environmental compliance, energy performance and safety prevention monitoring. They thus provide you with performance assistance via risk management project leadership, a range of calculation and simulation offers, as well as post-work operational assistance. Lastly, they provide training for your operators in technical, performance and safety-related areas.

Improve the efficiency and safety of your photovoltaic installation

As more and more agricultural and industrial operators turn to wind and solar energy, it is becoming clear that many facilities today not subject to compulsory control are at risk of catching fire. In order to prevent these types of dangers and optimise your productivity, SOCOTEC offers services operated by qualified inspectors: verification of your installation via various examinations (visual, infrared thermography on the ground, aerial infrared thermography by drone), with a report including recommendations for corrective solutions delivered to you within 48 hours.

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