Growing together: our social commitment

Social innovation is essential in a market where SOCOTEC is often a pioneer throughout the building life cycle.

Unique expertise

Making our expertise unique and investing in the quality of the service we deliver to our customers, encouraging the transmission of knowledge between teams, and offering technical training courses throughout the year to our employees... all this enables us to offer the Testing Inspection Certification market a combination of solutions that adapt to today's complex issues, integrating advanced technologies for the transformation of the Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Industry sectors. Preserving them, growing them and passing them on is at the heart of our mission.


An ambitious value proposition for our employees

SOCOTEC's Human Resources policy aims to find and fidelicit skilled employees through an attractive and unique EVP (Employee Value Proposition), which also echoes the company's culture of expertise : a secure and caring work environment, healthy, stimulating and fulfilling management, diversity and equal treatment, information sharing and participation in Group ideas and projects, a welcoming and supportive team spirit, respect for work-life balance, and value sharing. All of this contributes to the positive impact we aim to have on society.



  • Basic salary and bonus
  • Rewards
  • Profit sharing
  • Pay increase
  • Fairness
  • Recognition



  • Healthcare
  • Life & disability insurance
  • Pension plan 
  • Time off & vacations


Career growth

  • Promotions
  • Career opportunity
  • Skills development
  • Trainig
  • Mobility
  • Performance management


Work environment

  • Autonomy & responsabilities
  • Work life balance
  • Challenges
  • Job impact & interest
  • Safety at work
  • Employee experience

Build loyalty


  • Quality of leadership 
  • Understantg og firm's goal and plans
  • Trust & team spirit
  • Common rules

Our roadmap

We implement a skills development program:

  • Fair treatment of all employees and future employees in terms of remuneration, promotion and decision-making, without discrimination.
  • Development of employee commitment, assessed via an independent annual barometer (Great Place to Work) and implementation of action plans via management.
  • Training program : face-to-face and distance learning, on business and expertise as well as innovation and personal development.


Key figures for 2022

12000 employees worldwide

over 90% on permanent contracts

3.73 days of training

per employee trained during the year

8 countries certified Great Place To Work®

  • Participation rate world wide : 68% (+3 points versus 2022)
  • Trust Index : 64 %  (+3 points versus 2022)
  • Rate of positive responses on all questions related to the Great Place To Work® model.

32 SOCOTEC CFA centres in France

since the launch of the profession's 1st CFA by the Group in 2020.

And Training Academies in some of our host countries.