SOCOTEC is committed to providing the highest quality consulting services from early design phases to the fabrication and field installation of enclosure systems – including foundations and walls as well as roofing, doors and glazing systems. We encourage our clients to embrace architectural creativity, while achieving sustainability and energy reduction goals for their asset.

SOCOTEC’s subsidiaries in the USA provide consulting services that ensure a building envelope system's performance requirements meet a wide range of factors, including light, wind, pressure, sound, moisture and temperature variations. The building envelope works as a barrier designed to mitigate potential damage coming from the outside environment, all while providing an occupant with a sustainable indoor environment. SOCOTEC’s expert team is here to see that each component of the enclosure system is appropriately designed, fabricated and installed into a robust building envelope that is as beautiful as it is durable.

This entails solutions including due diligence, facade inspections, flood mitigation consulting, leak investigation, roofing and waterproofing assessment, as well as visual and performance mock-ups. During construction our team of experts will monitor the site to ensure safety procedures are in place.

Our building envelope solutions also include non-destructive testing techniques such as infrared imaging, ultrasonic thickness testing and chiller/boiler eddy current testing. Additionally, to help develop transparency for savings associated with specific energy efficiency measures, we work with clients to develop a measurement and verification (M&V) plan primarily based on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Ongoing support is also available in the form of analysis and repair for all aspects of building envelopes, retrofitting, sustainability upgrades and more.

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Stanford CHAN

Senior Principal and Director of Existing Buildings, Vidaris, SOCOTEC USA


Principal and Director of New Construction Facades, Vidaris, SOCOTEC USA


Principal at CBI Consulting, SOCOTEC USA

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