Our Luxembourg teams are taking part in the extension and renovation project of the Konrad Adenauer building, which houses the annex of the European Parliament located in Luxembourg. Specialists from our Cementys subsidiary carry out vibration and acoustic measurements related to the activity of the site.

Key information:

Project name: Extension and renovation of the buildings of the European Parliament

Date: Last stage of the project, the renovation of the existing building began in October 2020

Client: General Secretariat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg

Size: 250,000 m²

Location: Luxembourg

Photo credit: European Parliament

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Operational Director at SOCOTEC Luxembourg

Operational Director at SOCOTEC Luxembourg



Head of Data Operations at Cementys

Head of Data Operations at Cementys


Project details:

While the European Parliament sits in Brussels, the services of its General Secretariat are located in Luxembourg, in the Konrad Adenauer building. In order to be able to permanently accommodate more than 3,000 employees, an extension project was launched in 2008. After an interruption, it resumed in 2013. The final building will have an area of 250,000 m².

We carry out the technical control of the project as well as the Health Safety Coordination since its launch. The extension includes a 17-storey tower, a glass gallery and an extensive network of basements. The new buildings are now delivered, we have been working since October last year on the renovation of the existing building.

Luxembourg regulations require monitoring of vibrations and noise pollution from construction sites, in order to protect Parliament's staff and residents, but also surrounding buildings and installations. In all, 10 acoustic beacons and 5 vibratory beacons collect data 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We give our customers access to a real-time data visualization platform. An alert system is also planned to prevent and adjust work in progress as soon as one of the thresholds is exceeded.

The reception of the renovation part is scheduled for early 2023.

Description of our missions on site:

- Technical control of construction

- Safety and health coordination

- Measurement of sound and vibration levels

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