BIM: your ally in construction, infrastructure and equipment projects

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is essential for all companies wishing to design, build and manage buildings and infrastructures more efficiently. Thanks to the underlying 3D digital modelling technology using intelligent and structured data, construction projects can be built in collaboration with all the professionals and stakeholders involved in the project. BIM is integrated from the design to the construction phase, as well as for the optimisation of building operations and the development of a predictive maintenance approach optimising the structure’s technical, economic and environmental performance.

SOCOTEC is also involved in innovative City Information Modelling (CIM) projects. BIM in Motion, acquired by SOCOTEC in 2019, accompanies private and public stakeholders using the BIM manager offer through all stages of design and construction: implementing the BIM process and organisation-oriented BIM, analysing and adapting BIM models, developing CIM project objectives, providing follow-ups, integrating feedback and analysing processes.

Effective implementation of BIM & Data

In the construction and real estate sectors, the BIM revolution has begun. It leverages a collaborative working model based on interoperability around the digital mock-up of a construction project. To be effective, BIM requires data security and a level of skill and understanding of BIM from everyone involved in the project. A guarantee of compliance and compatibility between the model and the structure is also essential. SOCOTEC can accompany you at every stage of your BIM project, with a comprehensive range of tailored offers.

SOCOTEC can help you secure your Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects

New BIM methodology requires a unique set of tools, skills and organisational processes. SOCOTEC is ready to support you in all areas and with any issues that may arise, whether that be during the process itself, training or certification. 

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Alexandre BOMPARD

Deputy Managing Director of BIM in MOTION, France

Deputy Managing Director of BIM in MOTION, France
BIM defines who does what, how and when, transforming the way clients, architects, engineers and contractors work.

BIM changes the way civil engineering professionals work

BIM defines who does what, how and when, transforming the way clients, architects, engineers and contractors work. It enables them to incorporate the most relevant information in the early stages of the project, helping to prevent the risk of serious financial consequences later on. Buildings erected using BIM data consume less electricity, are heated and air-conditioned more efficiently, and are secure and comfortable for their occupants.

BIM & Data: Guarantee the reliability of your certified digital design mock-ups 

The “BIM Model as BUILT” certification confirms a business’ ability to accurately replicate the digital model with the structure delivered. It therefore guarantees compliance in terms of both structure and content. SOCOTEC is qualified to carry out the certification process and conduct audits during the key stages of the project. Its teams check the accuracy and reliability of the model throughout the project to ensure true interoperability between the contractors involved.

This certification is designed for contracting authorities, project managers and/or BIM Management. 

Case study of SEGRO

SOCOTEC designed an Operation Maintenance Management BIM strategy for SEGRO France

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Talk to our experts

Alexandre BOMPARD

Deputy Managing Director of BIM in MOTION, France

Deputy Managing Director of BIM in MOTION, France