As a property owner, project director or employer, are you aware of your asbestos ‘Duty to Manage’ obligations? The duty holder is responsible for identifying the presence of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs), assessing the risk they pose and then preparing, implementing and reviewing a management plan to monitor and ensure compliance, manage removal and prevent exposure.

Asbestos Training

Asbestos can be found throughout industrial properties, commonly in areas such as water tanks, roofing, ceiling tiles and insulation. It is a legal requirement that anyone who could come into contact with asbestos in their day-to-day work—and those who manage them—has been provided with the relevant training. SOCOTEC delivers asbestos awareness courses that meet various national regulations, as well as bespoke professional training that can be delivered on-premise. The courses are designed to provide delegates with the skills and competencies necessary to recognise and manage the presence of asbestos. All of our instructors are practicing consultants, with a wealth of experience in risk management. 

Asbestos Project Management Services

We also provide asbestos risk management services including regionally accredited surveys, analyses, air monitoring and removal. Our consultants will accompany you throughout your project, from the identification of materials containing asbestos to the management of any necessary removal work. Our decades of experience in this industry allow us to design detailed, unique plans to manage your asbestos project, including the deconstruction and demolition of older buildings that contain asbestos.

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