SOCOTEC assists its customers in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation of their infrastructure and associated systems.

Expertise throughout the whole project life cycle

SOCOTEC works alongside our clients during every project phase, from analyses carried out in advance through to architectural design, construction, handover and operation. At the start of a project we will evaluate feasibility, assessing the technical and financial viability of an infrastructure project in the context of its objectives. We also offer technical, financial and environmental risk management services, and can develop a maintenance and rehabilitation strategy to help you manage your assets. Infrastructure engineers in both fixed and mobile laboratories apply their expertise in calculation and in all types of modelling– geotechnical, geophysical or hydrological – to assess the feasibility of infrastructure projects and monitor them during construction to ensure there is no impact on nearby buildings.



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Philip BALL

Group Technical Director, SOCOTEC UK

Massimo DE IASI

Managing Director of SOCOTEC Italy


Managing Director of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany

Jean-Marie STEINER

Managing Director, Infrastructure, SOCOTEC France and International

Controlling Quality and Optimising Lifespan

From consultation to delivery we will manage the infrastructure's quality, and our inspection and diagnostic services optimise the lifespan of structures by monitoring their condition, analysing pathologies and controlling technical risks and costs using the latest and most innovative measurement, testing and analysis tools. We use building information modelling (BIM) throughout the life cycle of the project to optimise progress and outcome. Using software to manage the life cycle of infrastructure projects enables us to store all the information relating to the structure in a homogenous and secure manner. Our infrastructure engineers possess all the know-how and resources needed to check architecture design studies and works, including impacts on surrounding buildings, and to ensure inspection and supervision of existing infrastructure. Ongoing support comes in the form of asset management, which takes advantage of our infrastructure engineers’ maintenance expertise.

SOCOTEC assists its customers in projects related to their infrastructure and associated systems

"Our responsibilities involve maintaining and servicing infrastructures. Our line of work has considerable prospects for the future, especially in light of recent events in France and Italy (such as the suspension bridge that collapsed in Genoa)."

Nabil Fatoumbi - SOCOTEC Infrastructure Team Manager


Business Ready


SOCOTEC has a worldwide recognised experience and in-depth expertise in managing health and sanitary crisis, assisting companies during COVID-19 pandemic.
We can support you in a wide range of services, from consulting, risk management, sanitary audits, decontamination procedures to labels and certification.

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