Whether it is the analysis of a crack in a steam turbine, the fracture analysis of an office roof or the weakening of a critical component in a nuclear facility, every industry needs to manage and operate existing equipment and structures in a secure, safe and profitable way.

No matter the complexity of an engineering problem, SOCOTEC experts can help by assessing the issue and then implementing the most cost-effective solution. Our team of technical engineering professionals, managed by SOCOTEC subsidiaries in the USA, provide proven and trusted approaches to field evaluation, engineering analysis and investigation and project management.

While our engineering project and field investigative teams work closely with you on-site, our comprehensive labs, also run by SOCOTEC subsidiaries in the USA, offer extensive concrete, metals and polymer materials engineering capabilities. In addition to our fluid flow testing capabilities, this allows SOCOTEC to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

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Principal at LPI, SOCOTEC USA

Carsten KEHLEN

Team leader Industry of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany


Principal at LPI, SOCOTEC USA

Sontra YIM

Principal at LPI, SOCOTEC USA

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9 Sep 2020 | Vidaris announces rebranding, affirms commitment to clients as a SOCOTEC company
New brand reflects the company's mission to offer innovative solutions and unparalleled client service across closely integrated services; solidifying market-leading position. Download