visual of socotec buildings in usa germany

SOCOTEC reinforces its international footprint in the USA and Germany

Tue 14/01/2020 - 09:00

The SOCOTEC group has acquired 2 companies end of 2019, beginnning of 2020, reinforcing its international footprint in 2 of its major platforms : the USA and Germany.

2 major platforms in the USA and Germany

  • CPAG (Construction Project Analytics Group) is a best-in-class project management and dispute resolution company in the construction and infrastructure sectors based in the USA (Maryland and California). 2019 turnover : 3,7MEuros.
  • Pfülb is a company specialized in infrastructure engineering services for bridges. Composed of 13 experts engineers and based in Bavaria, the company will complete ZPP portfolio of activities (acquired in 2017 and specialized in engineering services in infrastructure and tunnels) and will add consistency to SOCOTEC Germany development.

These acquisitions are at the heart of the SOCOTEC group expansion strategy, consisting of completing its international platforms (expertise and strong foothold).