The 12,000 employees at SOCOTEC Group share these principles of ethics, inclusion, and commitment to sustainable development through the corporate values that guide our actions.

Our purpose

Building trust for a safer and sustainable world.

For more than 70 years, SOCOTEC has been striving to build and secure new construction, infrastructures,  and renovation projects that are safe, sustainable and inclusive.

Ensuring asset integrity as a trusted third-party is at the heart of what we do.

Through our business activities, we aim to contribute to society by making the world safer and more sustainable.

This is the purpose of SOCOTEC, why we do what we do.

Our values

Although our 12,000 employees come from different backgrounds and work in 26 countries, we all share the same values - commitment & excellence, entrepreneurship & innovation, accountability & social responsibility – and act accordingly.

Our values are reflected in everything we do at SOCOTEC, how we work with each other, with our clients and with our partners.

Our values guide our actions, they are the behaviors we focus on, how we do what we do.


Our corporate values

Commitment & Excellence

  • Lead by example.
  • "Commitment" emphasizes our employees’ pledge to uphold standards in their everyday work, to go the extra mile for clients in minimizing risk, to cooperate with and support colleagues, and act responsibly to build a safer world.
  • "Excellence" reflects our constant quest to improve our skills and knowledge, anticipating future needs so we are always at the forefront of our profession.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Taking risks with an entrepreneurial spirit: agile and reliable.
  •  We’re always striving for improvement. And by teaming up across disciplines and combining our energies, we open up new possibilities, developing innovative solutions that make for differentiation and added value. We challenge our clients to go faster and further so they have the power to future-proof their business.

Accountability & Social Responsibility

  • Being on the solution side: risk management, green evolution, growing urbanization, sustainability.
  • Accountability is a pledge of quality for our clients and a guarantee that our solutions are designed for the long term.
  • Coupled with social responsibility, it conveys our collective mission and how each of us is pledged to safeguard people’s safety, within the company and society.