How is SOCOTEC reducing its environmental impact ?

Reducing our own environmental impact is at the heart of our action plans.

As the first step in our commitment to combat climate change, we assess our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions every year.

This annual diagnosis makes it possible to identify the most significant emission sources, define the necessary action plans and assign them to the most expert people to implement, manage and lead them over time. Secondly, it enables us to assess the progress made by SOCOTEC in reducing its GHG emissions in relation to the ambitions we have set ourselves.

The SOCOTEC Group's energy sobriety plan : what actions for what ambition ?

  • Reducing GHG consumption linked to employee travel : optimising business travel, electrifying the vehicle fleet, raising awareness of eco-driving, studying soft mobility alternatives, etc.
  • Improving the energy performance of our buildings : monitoring and controlling our energy consumption for 100% of our buildings and sites, raising awareness of eco-actions.
  • Ppromoting responsible management of our digital equipment : monitoring and optimising consumption, raising awareness of good energy management practices and eco-friendly gestures, putting 100% of our obsolete IT and telephone equipment on the re-use circuit, etc.

In addition to paying close attention to its GHG emissions, SOCOTEC is committed to :

  • Promoting the circular economy and sorting our waste ;
  • Incorporate environmental criteria into our responsible purchasing policy ;

In order to structure and further strengthen its commitments, SOCOTEC aims to adopt a long-term, objective climate strategy based on the major benchmarks in the field.