The governance of the SOCOTEC Group is structured around an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors.
The 67% majority shareholder, Cobepa, acquired a stake in the SOCOTEC Group in February 2013, and was joined by Clayton Dubilier & Rice in December 2019, which owns 31% of the company.

Group Governance

  • Executive Committee of the SOCOTEC Group
  • Board of Directors of the SOCOTEC Group
  • Hervé Montjotin


  • Franck Pettex-Sorgue

    EVP Construction & Real Estate, France

  • Delphine Villard

    EVP Equipment and Industry, France

  • Jean-Marc Fort

    EVP International and Infrastructure

  • Cédrik Gallien

    EVP M&A and Strategy

  • Nicolas Detchepare


  • Ludger Speier

    CEO SOCOTEC Deutschland

  • Marc Weissbach


  • Massimo De Iasi


  • Jean-François Landry

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sébastien Botin

    Chief HR Officer

  • Gabrielle Mendes

    Chief Communications and Marketing Officer - Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Romain Dumas

    Chief IT Officer

  • Eléonore Larramendy

    General Counsel

  • Jean-Marie Laurent-Josi

    CEO of Cobepa

  • Aurélien Delavallée

    Senior Director of Cobepa

  • Charles-Henri Chaliac

    Member of the Executive Committee of Cobepa

  • Romain Boulanger

    Associate of Cobepa

  • Gilles Schnepp

    Director - Consultant at Clayton Dubilier & Rice

  • Christian Rochat

    Director, Partner at Clayton Dubilier & Rice

  • Romain Dutartre

    Director, Partner at Clayton Dubilier & Rice

  • Nikolaus Lachner

    Observer - Partner at Clayton Dubilier & Rice

  • Hélène Boulet Supeau

    Independent administrator

  • Hervé Montjotin

    CEO of the SOCOTEC Group

The SOCOTEC Group was founded in 1953 in the wake of World War II, to help build and secure new construction and renovation projects being carried out after the war.

“Building trust for a safer and sustainable world” is our purpose, and our experts are just as dedicated today to building the cities and infrastructure of the future, which are more sustainable, resilient, responsible and inclusive.

The principles that guide us everyday are thus fundamentally tied to the integrity of assets throughout the construction and infrastructure life cycle.

Our experts, engineers and technicians work in compliance with the construction regulations in all our locations and act independently in each of their testing, inspection and certification (TIC) projects.

As a leader in risk management and compliance in construction, infrastructure, facilities and industry, we demonstrate a sense of responsibility to act ethically and sustainably in the service of public players and private companies.

As a trusted third-party, we place the utmost importance on safety and quality.

Cognizant of the major transformations taking place around the world, our leadership and our operational teams contribute to building a responsible and sustainable world of which we can be proud.

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SOCOTEC earned earned 1,2 billion turnover in 2022 year-end period (LTM) and has seen rapid growth since October 2016, when sales were €500m and Hervé Montjotin arrived as the new CEO of the Group. In 2015, we were still primarily a French company, with 90% of revenues generated in France. Since then, we have become an international group, operating in 26 countries, with 53% of SOCOTEC revenue being generated outside France in 2022.


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