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With a 20% increase in size and a 40% jump in profitability, a strategic acquisition as the foundation of the Group’s entry into the US market and a significant change in its ownership structure, 2020 was a pivotal year for the SOCOTEC Group.

In 2020, the Group consolidated its positions in its key markets and for major projects, thereby reaffirming SOCOTEC’s aim of becoming the world leader in asset integrity for the construction, infrastructure and industry sectors.

Our services are essential throughout the life cycle of construction, infrastructure and industrial assets to guarantee their integrity and ensure the safety of people living or working in buildings as well as those using infrastructure or industry equipments.


Growth across our main markets in 2020 and the increasing need for assistance with performance issues relating to assets such as sustainability, resilience, urbanisation, climate change, technical and environmental performance,etchave allowed us to further raise our profile among our clients around the world.

Our aim is to continue building confidence among all our stakeholdersour clients, public and private partners as well as our teams – to ensure that testing, inspection and certification are understood as a way of bringing a safer and sustainable world to people.


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Backed by our 9,000 experts, engineers and technicians working around the world, taking great pride in our ability to deliver independent expert opinions based on our in-depth knowledge of regulations, standards and cutting-edge techniques in construction, infrastructure and industry.

Our strategic acquisitions strategy and our ambition to become a worldwide first-choice partner make us a fast paced company, always on the move with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, relying on agile and talented people.

Thanks to our continuing transformation and our acquisitions in 2020, we have strengthened our positions in our business lines:

  • No. 1 in technical inspection for the construction sector in France, no. 1 in solar panel and wind turbine inspections, no. 2 in asbestos audits in France
  • A European leader in nuclear power plant inspections, ordnance detection, soil and site pollution measurement and investigation, and inspections of industrial equipment
  • A worldwide player in monitoring for the construction and infrastructure sectors, technical inspection for construction, testing and measurement, and certification.

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Well balanced geographic and business diversification

2020 Turnover diversification

In 2020, we made €907 million in consolidated revenues.

In 2020, we made €907 million in consolidated revenues.

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