Civil Explosive Ordnance
Detection and Recovery

Ordnance detection is the search for live ammunition and unexploded bombs, both on land and in water. Depending on geographical location, it can be imperative to check for such items before construction works begin. If unexploded ordnances (UXO) are found, they must be recovered and disposed of, in order to protect workers and local residents.

Detection Services

SOCOTEC is one of the leading specialists in the detection and clearance of explosive ordnances with over 120 explosives experts on our workforce. We offer a number of detection and recovery services as well as consultancy and project planning. Surface surveys on offer include a variety of techniques and technologies including 1-16 channel computer-aided sensing surveys, multi-channel sensing surveys in the water, excavation monitoring and the use of geo-radar, large-loop detectors and electromagnetic detection technologies (EMD/TDEM). Our subsurface surveys include the use of gradiometers, three-axes fluxgate magnetometers and borehole radars.

Expert Recovery and Disposal Services

Once surveying is complete, our experts will then remove any explosive hazards via a number of means including shoring and bracing, recovery rings, mechanical sifting of soil and water clearance. Upon completion, the SOCOTEC team can then assist you in procuring a construction permit by showing proof that the construction site is free of any explosive ordnance.

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Managing Director of SCHOLLENBERGER, SOCOTEC Germany


Managing Director of SCHOLLENBERGER and of SOCOTEC Germany

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