SOCOTEC manages the removal of unexploded ordnances during the expansion of the Hamburg Port in Germany.


Project Name: Unexploded ordnance removal in the petroleum port area
Date: 2012 - 2013
Client: HPA Hamburg Port Authority AöR
Location: Hamburg Port in Hamburg, Germany

Photo credit © Roman Thomas


Within the scope of the expansion of the Hamburg port, SOCOTEC was commissioned to examine an area believed to have unexploded ordnances in order to identify and remove any unexploded bombs that remained. 


A 3-axis magnetometer was selected for depth sounding for this project due to the strong ferromagnetic disturbances of the site. These disturbances stemmed from the site having been filled with building rubble after 1945, as well as the presence of old foundation remnants and existing bored and sheet pile remnants.

The areas where the presence of unexploded ordnances could not be determined because of superimposed interference were excavated carefully and in compliance with legal frameworks. 

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Managing Director of SCHOLLENBERGER, SOCOTEC Germany

Managing Director of SCHOLLENBERGER, SOCOTEC Germany

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