SOCOTEC Germany has acquired 4 companies in Germany

Wed 24/05/2023 - 09:00

SOCOTEC Group acquires 4 companies in Germany developing a leading position in the building and infrastructure sectors (testing, inspection & certification industry).

  • SOCOTEC Germany has acquired 4 companies in the 1st half of 2023: Marx Ingenieure im Bauwesen (Inden), Architekten Höhlich & Schmotz (Burgdorf/Hanover, Mainz), Erdmann+Brandmann Beratende Ingenieure (Düsseldorf), Stredich Beratende Ingenieure (Bochum) adding new skillsets or reinforcing existing competencies to the operational pillars.
  • End of 2022, SOCOTEC Germany has reached a €132M turnover and employs 1000 experts, based in 27 locations (25 in Germany and 2 in Austria).
  • With 70% exposure to infrastructure, SOCOTEC fully benefits from the major tailwind in new infrastructure, especially driven by major investments in renewable energy, railway and metro projects.
  • SOCOTEC Germany is a key solution provider of energy and green transitions related services in the built environment.

Providing services in Germany for 15 years

SOCOTEC Group, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) in the construction and infrastructure sectors, has been providing services in Germany for 15 years. The first acquisition was Canzler in 2008, a specialist in consulting, engineering and management of complex real estate projects, followed in 2017 by ZPP Ingenieure technical experts in Infrastructure and energy projects, and by Schollenberger Kampfmittelbergung in 2018, a leader in EOD (Explosive Ordnance Detection) services.

The takeover of 4 companies since the beginning of the year, after 5 acquisitions between 2020 and 2022, confirms SOCOTEC’s strong strategic ambition to consolidate the German Engineering, Testing, Inspection and Certification market in construction and infrastructure.

For Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group:Germany is a key market for SOCOTEC as it offers high technical expertise. Adding-up new workforce and expanding our skillset in the country is part of our ambition to become a national leader. We help to solution the major challenges raised by the energy turnaround plan and the need to develop greener and more sustainable buildings and infrastructures.”

Consolidation of the geographical footprint

SOCOTEC Germany gathers 1,000 experts and posted a €132M turnover in 2022 in the field of civil engineering, architecture, project management, technical inspections, building performance and EOD services. Its ambition is to keep the pace in growing and providing bundled solutions to its clients. The 4 acquisitions consolidate the geographical footprint and bring additional expertise:

- Marx Ingenieure im Bauwesen, based in Inden near Aachen joins the Infrastructure vertical. It delivers high quality engineering services in the infrastructure field (15 people),

- Architekten Höhlich & Schmotz (30 people), situated in Burgdof near Hanover is an architecture firm and becomes part of the Building and Real Estate vertical, doubling its overall architectural capacities nationwide,

- Erdmann+Brandmann Beratende Ingenieure (10 people), the Düsseldorf-based company provides experience in structural design and testing and will strengthen the Infrastructure branch as well.

- Stredich Beratende Ingenieure (10 people), located in Bochum, is  a leading specialist in consulting, planning and construction supervision of technical equipment dedicated to transportation infrastructures such as tunnels or bridges.

For Ludger Speier, CEO of SOCOTEC Germany:Every outstanding success needs a clear vision. When we launched the SOCOTEC Germany country platform, we established a shared vision for our entrepreneurial development. Since then, our goal has been to promote the growth and reputation of SOCOTEC. A goal we have successfully achieved so far. We have strategically expanded and consolidated our service portfolio. We will continue on this course in the future. We build on the expertise and experience of our employees to jointly develop value-creating services. Together we are shaping the future, shaping change and creating sustainable success."

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