KEY | The Energy Transition Expo - 28 February to 1 March 2024

SOCOTEC Italia exhibits at KEY - The Energy Transition Expo
From Febuary 28th to March 1st 2024

Fri 26/01/2024 - 11:06

SOCOTEC Italia will be exhibiting at KEY - The Energy Transition Expo, which will be held at the Rimini Exhibition Center from February 28 to March 1, 2024. The event is a landmark to all who operates in renewable sector and in energy transition in the EMEA Area. This will be a unique opportunity to meet our experts at Pavilion B2, Booth 002.

KEY - The Energy Transition Expo
Rimini Fairgrounds
from February 28 to March 1, 2024 - Hall B2, Stand 002.


We will present the following services:

Integrated solutions for monitoring onshore and offshore wind farms, staring by design it and then to structural and environmental monitoring.

Pre-design surveys:
•    Geotechnical characterization of soils and bedrock through in-depth geotechnical investigations;
•    Use of geophysical surveys to obtain detailed information on subsoil composition;
•    Accurate topographic surveys to reach a precise wind farm layout;
•    Environmental analyses, onshore and offshore, to verify the surrounding ecosystem project impact.

Under construction inspection:
•    Material quality control to be compliant with the standard of the project;
•    Wind blame installation permanent inspection paying particular attention to safety and structural integrity.
Structural investigations and testing:
•    Thorough structural investigations and foundation testing to ensure infrastructure’s strength and stability.
Steel testing:
•    Systematic verifications wind turbines constituent. Including: tower, blades, bearings, shaft, gearbox and generator;
•    Use of advanced techniques for non-destructive testing of welds, such as VT (Visual Testing), PT (Penetrant Testing), MT (Magnetic Testing) and UT (Ultrasonic Testing).
Visual and drone inspections:
•    Regular inspections through visual inspections to detect potential problems or wear and tear;
•    Use of drones to explore hard-to-reach areas and get a comprehensive overview of wind farm conditions.
Advanced anomaly and impact analysis:
•    Thermographic analysis to detect anomalies related to overheating;
•    Acoustic and vibrational analyses to assess sound and vibration impact on surrounding environments.
Continuous Structural Monitoring:
•    Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring systems to assess health foundations over time.
Vibration Monitoring:
•    Controlling continuous vibration monitoring, generated by wind turbines, is necessary to ensure that they in line with allowable limits and they do not cause structural damages
Environmental Impact Monitoring:
•    Avifauna
•    Flora
•    Environmental Noise
Blade monitoring with optics Fiber :
•    FBG fiber optic sensors, to continuous blade control, could be applied to the back of the existing shovel or integrated into the new ones fiberglass. FBG sensors can look at vibration frequencies, ice formation, and the can prevent any damage caused by centrifugal action.