SOCOTEC UK awarded nationwide HSE & BSR framework agreement for high-risk buildings

Wed 20/03/2024 - 10:50

SOCOTEC UK – a leading Testing, Inspection and Certification Company – has secured a prestigious framework agreement with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), becoming one of a select set of companies able support the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) with high- risk buildings nationwide.

SOCOTEC UK is taking the necessary steps to ensure its building inspectors are registered with the BSR by 6th April 2024.

SOCOTEC UK is a major platform of the SOCOTEC Group – the €1.2bn global group providing management risk services and technical advice for the Building and Infrastructure sectors.


In an ever-changing landscape, SOCOTEC UK stands as an unrivalled provider of comprehensive services in the built environment, supporting even the most complex of building projects.

Testament to its breadth of expertise, SOCOTEC UK has secured a prestigious framework agreement with the HSE to assist the BSR, the division responsible for implementing the Building Safety Act 2022. SOCOTEC's experienced, multi-discipline teams will provide support to the BSR for a minimum of three years, advising on high-risk buildings alongside local authorities. This award, at such a significant time in the industry, reinforces SOCOTEC’s position as a leading authority on the built environment.

The challenges faced by today’s complex construction and built environment, impacts on all types of buildings, not just high-risk. Modern buildings pose environmental challenges during both construction and maintenance, while heritage buildings face unique hurdles due to accelerated climate change and material integration. Addressing these issues necessitates a comprehensive and scientific approach, especially in a rapidly changing world under climate stress.

What’s more, SOCOTEC UK is also taking the appropriate steps to ensure building control professionals are prepared to meet the Regulator’s upcoming legislation – whereby all 4,500+ UK building inspectors were required to be initially registered by 6 April 2024, now with a limited extension to July 2024. This includes internal assessment classes to support colleagues with completing the required independent competence assessment process, as set out by the Regulator.

The partnership with the HSE & BSR has confirmed the position of SOCOTEC UK as a leader in the built environment space, with a team of 500 building experts and expertise in building envelope, building control, fire engineering, sustainability, and structural engineering. With this unique set of disciplines, SOCOTEC UK is the only company able to take a holistic approach, setting new industry standards and meeting with new regulatory, health & safety and environmental requirements.

"The work performed by our building inspectors is integral to the maintenance and construction of infrastructure throughout the UK. Increasingly and rightfully so, an ever-important aspect of our projects is the long-lasting structural soundness and safety of buildings, both existing and newly constructed. It is testament to the industry leading capabilities SOCOTEC UK possess that we have secured the framework agreement with The Health and Safety Executive. Through our continued internal assessments, we are ensuring that all building control professionals are prepared and ready to undertake this important work."


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