A new logo for new ambitions

SOCOTEC 2017 140x120Today the SOCOTEC group unveils its new logo, a reflection of its positioning and development ambitions.

Intense in meaning, the new logo builds on the main elements of SOCOTEC’s identity while bringing added depth. The eye, precise in analysis and measurement, has evolved and becomes a look with a panoramic view.

Near vision is thus complemented by distance vision. Dynamism and perspective, materialized by the beam and the 3 shades of blue, symbolize SOCOTEC's anticipation and ambition to embrace the future, support its clients in risk prevention and help improve their performance.

This new identity conveys interaction, dialogue and its intention to act as a trusted third party and expert in TIC (Testing, Inspection & Certification). It communicates the SOCOTEC Group’s values of commitment and responsibility.

It is also being rolled out in the United Kingdom, where ESG, which joined the Group last March, is now adopting the SOCOTEC brand to become SOCOTEC UK.

With the acquisition of Pielok Marquardt in Germany in May and ZPP Ingenieure in September, SOCOTEC is consolidating its positions in Europe and is looking to become the European leader in TIC in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors by 2020.


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