Our organisation

The SOCOTEC Group operates in 25 countries on five continents.

SOCOTEC’s service offering is structured into six business lines. Our staff, working through specialist branches for each line, assist companies with their projects throughout the world, always to the same high standards.

 SOCOTEC Group subsidiaries


 Business Lines  Subsidiaries (location)
 Construction & Real estate  SOCOTEC Construction (Metropolitan France)
 DOM-TOM Subsidiaries
 Canzler and Pielok Marquardt (Germany)
 SOCOTEC Belgium
 SOCOTEC Luxembourg
 MEA Subsidiaries
 Expert Habitat et Industrie Groupe (France)
 Technical Inspection & Verification  SOCOTEC Equipements (Metropolitan France)
 DOM-TOM Subsidiaries
 SOCOTEC Belgium asbl, SOCOTEC asbl (Luxembourg)
 MEA Subsidiaries
 SOCOTEC Power Services (France)
 Pôle CND (CTE Nordtest CIS, SNER) - France
SOCOTEC Infrastructure and Rincent BTP (France)
 ZPP Ingenieure, PSP Tunnelling and Schollenberger (Germany)
 SOCOTEC Infrastructure Maroc

 Environment & Safety

SOCOTEC Environnement (Metropolitan France)
 DOM-TOM Subsidiaries
 SOCOTEC UK and 4see (United Kingdom)
 AXE QSE (Morocco)
 AXE SAS (France)

Training/Continuous Professional Development  SOCOTEC Formation
 SOCOTEC Formation Nucléaire (Metropolitan France)
 SOCOTEC Réunion
 Certification  SOCOTEC Certification International and
 AJA Registrars network (Asia – Europe - Northern America)