Investigations and control of the structural parts of “Ponte Vecchio” Bridge

The Investigations and control of the structure of the Ponte Vecchio bridge have the final objective of conserving it through restoration. 


Project name: Conservation and restoration interventions of "Ponte Vecchio".

Date: 2022.

Clients: Florence municipality.

Location: Florence (Italy).



The purpose of the project is to carry out conservation and restoration interventions on the Ponte Vecchio "Old Bridge", which is a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy. The only bridge in Florence spared from destruction during the Second World War, it is noted for the shops built along it.

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Donato FIORE

Geophysical Division Senior Manager, SOCOTEC Italy

Geophysical Division Senior Manager, SOCOTEC Italy

Riccardo Mazza

Infrastructure Monitoring Senior Manager

Infrastructure Monitoring Senior Manager


SOCOTEC Italia was commissioned by the Municipality of Florence to  control the arches, pillars, abutments, wing walls and superstructure of the Ponte Vecchio. The investigations were carried out through the use of a floating platform which allows access to the structures of the arches and the piers on which non-destructive tests were carried out with Georadar and video inspections. Otherwise the masonry check was carried out with flat jack tests. At the end, further georadar investigations were carried out to identify the subservices. Our investigations will be used to carry out conservation and restoration interventions. 

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