SOCOTEC teams joined their forces for the construction of a new infrastructure in Abidjan

SOCOTEC teams are taking part in the construction project of the new Abidjan exhibition center. This 16-hectare complex at the heart of a new centre of attraction will host numerous international events.

Key information

Project name: Abidjan Exhibition Centre, Ivory Coast.

Duration of first phase works: 28 months

Client: PFO Construction

Size: 16 hectares

Location: Port Bouet, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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General Manager SOCOTEC Africa

General Manager SOCOTEC Africa

Project details

In West Africa, Ivory Coast is positioning itself as an international pole of attractiveness for the entire region. The development of the new airport city "Aérocité" on the outskirts of its capital Abidjan, bears witness to this dynamism. At the heart of this project is the new Abidjan Exhibition Centre, which covers 16 hectares and includes an exhibition centre with a large exhibition hall, a Convention Centre with 5,000 seats, an administrative building, a semi-covered car park with 800 spaces and various outdoor structures.

The project was designed by the Ivorian architect Pierre Fakhoury. It is being implemented by PFO Construction, a leading construction and public works company in Ivory Coast.

At the centre of the project is a Convention Centre in the form of a large central nave, developing approximately 9,000 m² under a height of 35 metres. The roof, which overhangs widely, projects a square 137 metres on each side. It is designed for multi-purpose use, with retractable tiers to accommodate international conferences (up to 5,000 people), trade fairs (agriculture, automotive, youth, tourism, etc.), commercial exhibitions, concerts, parties, banquets, political events and ceremonies of all kinds.

The Convention Center is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

Description of the missions 

PFO Construction has entrusted SOCOTEC with a technical consulting and risk prevention support mission. In order to meet the challenges and technical complexity of the project, the SOCOTEC Africa teams, based in Ivory Coast, have joined forces with SOCOTEC Infrastructure experts.

SOCOTEC Technical advice and risk prevention support for the entire project

  • Supervision of the works;
  • Drafting of various visit reports;
  • Participation in monitoring meetings with the project stakeholders;
  • Technical expertise on the most complex aspects of the project, such as the steel structure;
  • Review of execution documents during the study phase.

SOCOTEC Africa is very proud to participate in the construction of the Abidjan Exhibition Centre, a project that will further strengthen the central position of Ivory Coast in the heart of Western Africa. This is our 15th project carried out in the country on the initiative of PFO Construction, the leading construction company in Ivory Coast, which I would like to thank for its confidence and the quality of the relationship we have built up for the past 20 years.

Karim DJEBAR, General Manager, SOCOTEC Africa

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