White Paper:
Resilience and Real Assets

On the road to climate-driven obsolescence?

The topic of sustainable property forms the backbone of today’s real estate projects.

Property values could potentially be harmed by the recent phenomenon of climate change, which unfortunately shows no signs of stopping. Torrential rainfall and flooding have a detrimental effect on a building’s plumbing and electrical installations. Droughts have a considerable impact on a building’s foundations. 

As part of its mission to guarantee asset integrity and performance as well as personal safety, SOCOTEC plays an instrumental role in real estate projects through the building’s lifecycle. As such, it was our responsibility to address the key issue of climate change. We have combined our expertise within a new sustainable property subsidiary, called SOCOTEC Immobilier Durable, with the aim of building trust and safety in a sustainable world.

visual of the white paper resilience and real assests

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White paper contributors:

Minh-Trong NGUYEN : Chief Executive Officer SOCOTEC Immobilier Durable

Christophe DELCAMP : Assistant Director of Liability & Damage Insurance at FFA

Thibault LACONDE : President & Founder of CALENDAR

Jean-Marc BOUILLON : President of TAKAHE CONSEIL

Jean JOUZEL : Climatologist

Chloé VOISIN-BORMUTH : Director of Studies & Research at the FABRIQUE DE LA CITÉ

Pascal LOISEL : Director of Development Support, Asset Management & BIM at SOCOTEC

Hélène GENIN : Executive Officer of the BBCA ASSOCIATION

Roxana ISAIU : Real Estate Director at GRESB

Valérie DE ROBILLARD : Chief CSR Officer at NEXITY