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White paper: Green Value and Sustainable Performance for the Real Estate Sector

Carving a reputation as a gold-standard player in risk prevention, SOCOTEC is committed to building the future. Guaranteeing asset integrity and performance, and ensuring personal safety form the backbone of our missions. We have adopted a robust strategy of promoting sustainability throughout the lifecycle of all real estate projects.

We are determined to go even further with our efforts to champion sustainable development and shape SOCOTEC’s role as an environmental steward in real estate development projects. The creation of our SOCOTEC Immobilier Durable subsidiary bears testament to our involvement in building sustainable cities.

Founded in March 2019, SOCOTEC Immobilier Durable delivers support and advice to real estate professionals in leading sustainable transformation strategies for their construction and renovation projects. We have defined two objectives for our subsidiary: assist our customers in defining sustainable performance and advise them on how to increase the green value of their assets.

During our French roadshow, we presented, discussed and debated the value created by environmental certification schemes. We wanted to publish this white paper to offer a mix of presentations, studies, and testimonials from real estate professionals (REITs, asset managers, certification bodies, associations, consultancies and solution providers) and share feedback from our various projects.

This white paper also illustrates our determination to ramp up the deployment of environmental and user certification schemes in France. From Paris to the provinces, certification plays an important role in developing cities and communities that are more sustainable, smarter, easier to live in and more people-oriented.

Download our White Paper


Download our White Paper

White paper contributors:

Minh-Trong NGUYEN : Chief Executive Officer SOCOTEC Immobilier Durable

Patrick NOSSENT : President of CERTIVÉA

Karine DACHARY : Deputy Managing Director at FONCIÈRE INEA


Henri CHAPOUTHIER : Sustainable Manager at ICADE FONCIÈRE

Stéphane HULLIN : Performance Director at PANORAMA

Sébastien BRISON : Senior Consultant at IBM WATSON

Frédéric MOTTA : Managing Director at WIREDSCORE FRANCE

Pierre DARMET : LE VIVANT ET LA VILLE General Secretary

Sébastien DUPRAT : Managing Director of CYCLE UP