SOCOTEC MTS ltd becomes the only ISO 17020 accredited organization with the COFRAC accreditation in the country

Thu 27/10/2022 - 11:49

For more than 20 years, the SOCOTEC Group has been assisting Mauritian construction companies in the control of their risks for projects related to buildings. In particular, SOCOTEC MTS carries out technical control, risk standardization and compliance missions in infrastructure and housing projects.

In 2018, the Group created SOCOTEC MTS Ltd to support the dynamic development of the territory. Indeed, as the Mauritian government has confirmed its intention to develop infrastructure, urban planning and housing projects, SOCOTEC MTS reinforces the safety and compliance obligations of builders related to ten-year insurance.

SOCOTEC MTS has the best expertise to support its customers throughout the life cycle of the building, and has therefore embarked on a voluntary ISO17020 accreditation process.

SOCOTEC MTS has just been accredited by COFRAC in Building and Civil Engineering for technical inspections in design and construction phases, and becomes the only independent third party in Mauritius to have this accreditation. It is therefore an important partner for inspections related to the soundness of construction works and installations, as well as their safety and sustainability. SOCOTEC MTS meets the expectations of local authorities and Mauritian regulations. The Quality and Safety Department of the SOCOTEC Group has developed a reference system totally adapted to Mauritius context and has implemented a dedicated quality management system.

According to Christophe DRAUX, who heads SOCOTEC MTS: « To support the dynamism of projects in Mauritius, it is important to ensure that an independent third party assesses the risk and helps to bring it to an acceptable and compliant level, known as "normalized". The purpose of the "risk normalization" mission is to provide insurers with the information necessary to assess the risk assumed under the « Inherent Structural Defect Insurance », in order to reduce risks and avoid litigation in the field of construction defects. The risks that SOCOTEC MTS helps to prevent are those that can jeopardize the solidity, stability, watertightness and, more broadly, the durability of structures. Our approach is essential, because we act to ensure that structures comply with standards that are crucial to the performance of the building, its quality and, above all, the safety of infrastructure users and building and housing occupants. Thanks to this new COFRAC accreditation and to the recognized expertise of its engineers registered with the CRPE, SOCOTEC MTS becomes the essential "Third Party Certifier" in Mauritius. »

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