As part of the development of the Smart City of Moka, Mauritius, our teams are involved in the Telfair project. In the heart of the city, it’s the most important commercial real estate project for the island.

Key information

Project name: Construction of a real estate complex in the heart of the Smart City, Moka

Date: 2021-2024

Client: ENL Group

Size: 20,000 m²

Location: Moka, Mauritius

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Christophe DRAUX

Operational Director for Indian Ocean Region

Operational Director for Indian Ocean Region

Project details

In order to diversify its activities and to consolidate its status as a hub for new information and communication technologies in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius launched the development of seven Smart Cities in 2015. These smart cities are intended to be self-sufficient and are developing in a sustainable manner. Based on the Work, Live, Play concept, they offer to their inhabitants a good quality of life.

The Smart City of Moka is thus built on this concept of mixed spaces. Telfair's downtown district covers 85 hectares. Among the projects under development, the Telfair North buildings complex is the future and largest commercial real estate complex on the island.

The complex consists of four main buildings of R+3 or R+4 level, representing 20,000 m².

They will be complemented by a number of smaller buildings that will host shops and services, as well as a promenade that will extend to the rest of the Smart City.

Description of technical tasks

The ENL group, the project's property developer, entrusted us with a mission to standardize the project's risks, both in terms of design and execution of the works.

One of the most complex technical points is the underground infrastructure, on which the whole project is based. It will provide a series of parking spaces. This is a first time for Mauritius, whose soils are traditionally considered unsuitable. As the island is extremely flat, one arrives almost immediately at the basement level. Thanks to complex submerged construction processes, we have succeeded in managing the hydraulic pressure. This is a good example of SOCOTEC’s work, we are experts in all the design studies and calculations.

”Although it’s not a regulatory obligation, the purpose of our support is to ensure that all the technical aspects of the project are maintained and sustainable. Our technical expertise makes it possible to demonstrate that the potential risks have been identified and are controlled.”

Christophe DRAUX, Operational Director for Indian Ocean Region

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