SOCOTEC Group sets up in Spain with the acquisition of BAC Engineering Consultancy Group

Tue 15/02/2022 - 12:36

SOCOTEC Group, an independent third party and a major player in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services in the construction, real estate, infrastructure and environmental sectors, supports its clients in their compliance and risk management challenges by providing technical advice throughout the life cycle of their assets.

SOCOTEC Group sets up in Spain and accelerates its development in Europe with the acquisition of BAC Engineering Consultancy Group

  • With the acquisition of BAC Engineering, the SOCOTEC group now has a platform in Spain.
  •  With 340 employees and a turnover of 21 million euros in 2021, the BAC Engineering group operates throughout Spain from Barcelona, and has bases in Madrid and Zaragoza and a presence in Colombia.
  • This acquisition completes SOCOTEC's European coverage with strong positions in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • It strengthens its leadership in Testing, Inspection and Certification in the construction, infrastructure and environmental sectors.

In order to continue its development in Europe, SOCOTEC has just acquired the Spanish company BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, based in Barcelona. With 340 employees and a turnover of 21 million euros, BAC is a recognized player in inspection, engineering, testing and risk management in civil engineering, particularly transport infrastructure, maritime works and water supply systems, and in the building industry. It has particular expertise in structural analysis, non-destructive testing, environmental studies, energy performance measurement, geotechnical services, and quality control, for which it has its own laboratories (3 in Catalonia).

In addition to its headquarters in Barcelona and its Catalan footprint, the company is also located in Madrid and Zaragoza, and responds to projects located throughout Spain for public and private sector clients. It also has a subsidiary in Colombia with 50 employees.

For Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group: "Setting up in Spain was part of our strategic roadmap and was important to complete our European coverage. We now cover almost the entire western part of the continent. Thanks to the diversity of its expertise, BAC is a condensed version of SOCOTEC. The challenges of the Spanish market are similar to those faced by the Group elsewhere: risk prevention, the search for increased sustainability of assets or better energy efficiency, migration to green energies or resolution of environmental issues. There will therefore be many synergies, both technical and commercial. For example, the major Spanish construction groups have an international reach and, with the support of SOCOTEC, BAC will be able to better support them.

He added: "BAC's growth is part of a dynamic national market that will be reinforced by the European recovery plan. Joan Franco, its founder, has been able to bring the company since its creation in 2009 to levels of expertise recognized by all. Guillem Baraut, who succeeded him at the end of last year, continues to instill the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the BAC teams."

For Guillem Baraut, CEO of the BAC Group: "Our desire is to become a leader in Spain in our businesses. Our 340 employees are very committed and will benefit from the group's contributions: SOCOTEC's international clients with projects in the peninsula, specific expertise or new service offers. We also intend to transfer some of our know-how. Quality, sustainability and the environment are at the heart of the attention of companies in their construction or renovation projects in Spain. We are now in a position to strengthen our services to them thanks to the merger with SOCOTEC. I salute Joan Franco and thank him warmly for bringing the company to this level and I am proud, along with all the BAC teams to be able to write a new chapter in the company's history with SOCOTEC."

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