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The SOCOTEC Group reaches one billion euros in revenue and makes three acquisitions in early 2022

Tue 18/01/2022 - 12:40

In 2021, SOCOTEC reached the symbolic mark of one billion euros in sales, and has acquired three companies at the beginning of the year : in the Netherlands, in Germany and in France. 

  • In 2021, SOCOTEC reached the symbolic mark of one billion euros in sales, i.e. a doubling in size in five years.
  • With a global footprint in 23 countries and 9,700 employees worldwide, its turnover and its EBITDA out of France represent 50% and 55% of the total respectively. 95% of its activity is delivered through the French, English, American, German and Italian platforms.
  • The group acquired three companies at the beginning of the year: Inpijn in the Netherlands, Pfeifer in Germany and Urbads in France.
  • With +14% of reported growth and +9% proforma in 2021, and +5% of proforma growth compared to 2019, SOCOTEC has solid performance drivers to deliver its 2024 Business Plan. 

The three acquisitions represent significant progress for the group, which is strengthening its market position:

  • The Netherlands:
    • with ​​​​​​​a second acquisition, Inpijn Blokpoel, less than six months after the first. With a €12 million revenue and 19% of Ebitda, Inpijn operates in the infrastructure sector and complements the service offering of Hanselman Groep, which operates in the building sector. As a renowned company in its field, Inpijn specialises in geotechnical, geophysical and environmental services in the infrastructure and construction sectors, having concentrated its exposure among water organisations.


  • ​​​​​​​In Germany:
    • ​​​​​​​with the acquisation of Pfeifer, a company with a revenue of €11 million euros and 19% of Ebitda. Pfeifer is dedicated to construction consulting services around structural and building physics specialties and fire protection, while also acting on major projects (Leipzig train station, Dresden hygiene museum and the Omniturm tower in Frankfurt). This acquisition completes the geographical positioning of SOCOTEC Germany and brings its total workforce to 950 people, with the arrival of nearly 70 engineers and experts and five new sites, thus reinforcing the German dynamic growth perspective and two small acquisitions: Huber Lischka in Munich and Zikler+Jakob in Munich.


  •  In France:
    • ​​​​​​​the acquisition of URBADS and its subsidiary, URBYCOM, is based in the Hauts-de France region. These two companies have developed assistance and consultancy activities in urban planning issues for local authorities and communities. They also support private companies and industries in the delegated instruction of urban planning authorisations and the elaboration of local urban plans (PLU). With a team of 40 people, these two companies will jointly achieve a turnover of around three million euros in 2021.

Regarding Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group: "With these three acquisitions, SOCOTEC demonstrates its ability as a key player in the consolidation of the TIC market and continues to expand its range of services. This will create value for private and public clients on strategic 2 / 2 geographical platforms and help us to achieve our 2024 ambitions (with an expected turnover of €1.4 billion). « Thanks to our strategic focus on asset integrity in the construction and infrastructure sectors, as well as our geographical balance, SOCOTEC delivers a solid performance that reflects the managerial commitment and operational excellence of each platform. We have also made a susbtantial recovery within the construction sector and accelerated the infrastructure sector, with the latter representing more than 30% of our business. This robust operating performance is reflected in an Ebitda rate of 17%, placing us among the best players in our industry."

Hervé Montjotin adds: "In terms of construction in France, we are building up our capacity to support local urban plans (PLU) upstream of construction projects by working hand in hand with design offices, project owners and investors. In Germany, we are present in Testing and Inspection in construction, infrastructures and geotechnics with a change of scale: nearly 1,000 employees, €130M of turnover and a strong contribution to the profitability of the group. Finally, with these two recent acquisitions in the Netherlands, we have a sound basis of €25 million in revenue and 200 employees. We support clients in construction risk management, technical expertise for claims and damages affecting the building and its environment, regulatory control and the inspection of technical equipment, geotechnics and infrastructure testing. These services are particularly valuable in a country that is constrained by its geology and high density population."

"Our goal is to become the world leader in risk management and technical consulting in construction and infrastructure within the TIC industry. The opportunities offered by our geographic expansion and strategic focus, as well as the upcoming challenges in managing environmental and energy transitions in construction and infrastructure and improving the sustainability of our assets, provide SOCOTEC with a strong platform for growth in 2022."


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