SOCOTEC Certification International is developing a Certification activity in the Indian Ocean’s islands

Mon 30/01/2023 - 15:07

SOCOTEC Group, a major player in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) continues its development in the Indian Ocean with the establishment of a certification activity through an exclusive partnership between its subsidiary SOCOTEC Certification France with ACTBIS and RUNCERT.

SOCOTEC Certification France, is a specialist in the certification of companies, the certification of persons, and the certification of services. As an independent trustworthy third party, the certification body offers certifications based on international ISO standards (9001, 14001, 45001, 50001, BIM, etc.), as well as on specific reference systems for any sector of activity. SOCOTEC Certification International in the Indian Ocean offers a range of certifications covering many areas including quality, environment, energy, Qualiopi, CSR, etc., and relies on a team of local experts who are familiar with the regulatory and normative requirements, as well as the economic and social characteristics/features of the region. SOCOTEC Certification International has also set up a partnership with ACTBIS and RUNCERT in order to strengthen its network of qualified and local auditors.


For Mauritius, SOCOTEC Certification International works with ACTBIS:

Present in Mauritius and Madagascar since 2011, ACTBIS has succeeded to dig on the island.  Its objective is to continue to differentiate itself by bringing a new approach to certification, based on high value-added audits for the client, which can go as far as developing customized reference systems.


For Reunion Island, SOCOTEC Certification International works with RUNCERT:

Present in Reunion since 2017, RUNCERT is the only company based on/in the Department to offer certification of/in Management Systems. This category of certification is among the most committed steps for a customer who reviews in depth its functioning, its operations, and its organization, in order to obtain a reinforced certification after a cycle of audit that can go up to 3 years

Thanks to our international network and our local bases, we have a network of auditors who are experts in their field and have the necessary approvals to carry out their functions in an international context, particularly in the Indian Ocean. We are proud to provide certification solutions in territories that are developing rapidly and whose growth requires an independent third-party auditor to further strengthen the quality issues entrusted to us by public and private companies in Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius and Mayotte."

Xavier DANIEL, Manager of SOCOTEC Certification International

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