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14 May 2020

The SOCOTEC Group, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification and with offices in 23 countries, is partnering with Edenred, a leading services and payments platform and the everyday companion for people at work. Together, they offer a new service: a health and safety label dedicated to restaurants that aims to reassure customers and to facilitate reopening of establishments.

Reopenings are underway

The restaurant sector has been put to a stop for two months. Now, reopenings are underway.

The Equipment subsidiary of the SOCOTEC Group - a leading player in risk management and people and goods safety with a strong local footprint (more than 150 branches in France) - offers a new service to restaurant owners: a label that attests to the fact that preventive measures against the COVID-19 are implemented, which includes following the 10 steps of a strict Health & Safety Charter. 

Edenred, who brings together a network of over 140,000 partner restaurant owners in France, choses to work with SOCOTEC to help restaurant owners be ready to reopen as soon as the government will allow it.

The stakes are high as customers trust is a determining factor in the ability of restaurant owners to reopen their doors promptly and safely.

Hervé MONTJOTIN, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group, explained: “The health crisis provoked an economic crisis as well, since it imposed the shutting down of most economic activities. This economic crisis is insidious; it severely impacts all sectors and damages local businesses. It is clear that we need to help our local businesses get back on their feet so that people can keep their jobs and that customers may continue to consume locally produced goods and services. Our job at SOCOTEC is to build trust as we audit and deliver certifications and labels. The health and safety label that has been developed notifies customers that the restaurant has been taking all the necessary measures to host them safely. This kind of labels will be crucial in recreating trust and boosting the economy.”

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“With Edenred, we work towards reinforcing the attractivity of restaurants in this difficult context. SOCOTEC brings its expertise in health & safety measures and in managing health risks in restaurants.”

Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group


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SOCOTEC has a worldwide recognised experience and in-depth expertise in managing health and sanitary crisis, assisting companies during COVID-19 pandemic.
We can support you in a wide range of services, from consulting, risk management, sanitary audits, decontamination procedures to labels and certification.

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