Webinar « Public Space Futures » with Robert LiMandri, principal at Vidaris, a SOCOTEC Company

Tue 20/10/2020 - 11:57

Public Space Futures is a panel held in Madison Square Park in New York City, moderated by Vidaris Principal and Former Commissioner of the New York Department of BuildingsRobert LiMandri, that addresses the evolution of our public spaces during COVID-19, what has been working, what needs attention, and how we envision its future.

This discussion begins with addressing the specific challenges faced in the early days of 2020 including COVID-19 trauma, Black Lives Matter movements, and support for immigrant communities and how different organizations handled these challenges, what types of programs were installed in the process, and what possible outcomes to expect in the near future.

Each of the panelists have played a vital role, across multiple industries, in the creation of programs that opened the streets back up to the public in New York City. As the conversation progresses, each of them will discuss the changes they’d like to see become permanent, how they plan on implementing programs that promote a more equitable future for all New Yorkers, and what to watch for next.


The full version is now available to stream on all devices via this link: