The Winthrop Center is officially certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) as the largest passive house office building in the world

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the Winthrop Center has officially received certification from the Passive House Institute (PHI), solidifying its status as the largest passive house office building globally!

After an impressive six-year journey from conception to completion, the visionary project, a collaboration between MP Boston and Handel Architects, was unveiled in Boston this spring. This mixed-use tower boasts an impressive 812,000 square feet of Class A office space, complemented by an additional 510,000 square feet accommodating 317 luxury residences.

What sets the Winthrop Center apart is its commitment to superior indoor air quality. The office spaces within the Center have been meticulously designed to incorporate 30 to 35% more fresh air than traditional commercial designs.

At SOCOTEC, we take immense pride in our pivotal role in this remarkable project. Our expertise in Exterior Wall, Roofing, and Waterproofing Consulting & Monitoring services has contributed to the success of the Winthrop Center.

This project stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative innovation in the field of sustainable architecture, particularly for large-scale buildings. The Winthrop Center sets a new standard for environmentally conscious design and construction, showcasing the potential for a more sustainable and greener future.

Jennifer Sze, Principal with SOCOTEC, shares, "Working on this record-breaking tower from design through to completion - and now certification - has been rewarding. The triple glazed and super airtight curtain wall system played an important role in achieving Passive House certification. Our team at SOCOTEC worked closely with Handel Architects to develop design details thoughtfully rooted in practicality and constructability specific to high rise building, minimizing issues during the building's construction."

“With Winthrop Center, we wanted to think beyond the status quo, and we were ready to employ an innovative approach in order to deliver an unparalleled experience and quality of life. With this official certification by Passive House Institute, we are introducing a new era in building design that prioritizes the environment, human comfort, and health. Through collaboration with partners like SOCOTEC, creativity, hard work, and dedication, we’ve brought the most energy efficient solution for large scale buildings to the heart of Boston, and we can’t wait to see more successful implementations of the Passive House method across the globe.” - Millennium Partners Founder, Christopher M. Jeffries.


A special ‘Thank You’ to all the companies and professionals that collaborated to make this project recognition a possibility!


SOCOTEC Team Members included:

  • Jennifer Sze
  • Christophori Dowd
  • Leonardo Toro
  • Esteban Mercado Molina
  • Angelo Sierra
  • Kanjin Zou
  • Alex Barmas
  • Joelle Nelson
  • Jeffrey Somerlot
  • Alberto Franceschet

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