Technical inspection of a complex construction in Monaco

SOCOTEC performs the technical inspection of the complex construction of a platform built on the seabed in Monaco.


Name: The future l’Anse du Portier district 
Client: SAM l’Anse du Portier       
Date: 2013 - 2025 
Size: 6 hectares district size      
Place: Monaco        


This platform has been built in the middle of two natural areas requiring the preservation of maritime fauna and flora. This infrastructure is home to the future l’Anse du Portier district, which will be delivered in 2025. 


In Monaco, this project, currently under construction, is part of the Principality’s coastline.

The future district of l’Anse du Portier is helping to redesign Monaco’s maritime façade. Covering 6 hectares, this extension over the sea includes luxurious accommodations, a public park, shops, an extension of the Grimaldi Forum, a busy port and public facilities including a car park, a coastal promenade and shady walking areas. To build these infrastructures, a backfill is under construction, which will eventually be enclosed by a belt of trapezoidal boxes fitted with damping chambers. Numerous technical challenges linked to the location of the project, the innovative construction methods, the 50-metre depth and its location between two environmental reserves will have to be overcome.

The SOCOTEC engineers are working in several capacities: overall technical control missions, the control of studies in the design and construction phase and the monitoring of construction work through regular onsite and offsite audits (quarry, load boxes, etc.). 

The technical fields covered by SOCOTEC are multi-disciplinary, such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Maritime structures - land/structure interactions
  • Superstructures
  • Hydraulics
  • Geotechnical & deep foundations
  • Project risk management
  • Environment
  • Fire risk

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Regional Director of French Riviera Corsica & Monaco, SOCOTEC France

Regional Director of French Riviera Corsica & Monaco, SOCOTEC France

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