Technical inspection and health and safety coordination of the future TRIBEQUA district in France

SOCOTEC manages the technical inspection and health and safety coordination of the future TRIBEQUA district in Bordeaux, France


Project name: TRIBEQUA (TRI postal, BElcier and QUArtier)
Date: September 2022 (date of completion of the TRIBEQUA district)
Client: Public Planning Commission (EPA) Bordeaux Euratlantique.
Size: 55,000 m² of offices, housing and car parks 
Location: ZAC Saint Jean Belcier in Bordeaux


SOCOTEC will be responsible for the technical inspection and health and safety coordination of the future TRIBEQUA district, financed by the Public Planning Commission (Établissement Public d’Aménagement—EPA) Bordeaux Euratlantique. The Commission has also accepted the additional proposal for SOCOTEC to provide a Survey and Prevention service.


A future district will emerge within ZAC Saint Jean Belcier, Bordeaux, in September 2022. Located on the former Tri Postal site and considered to be the largest urban project in France (outside of the Paris region), TRIBEQUA (TRI Postal, BElcier and QUArtier) is being financed by the EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique. Spread over a total area of 55,000 m², this mixed-used area will include 10,800 m² of offices, 4,200 m² of hotels, 1,650 m² of shops and activities, 400 housing units and car parks. The project also includes renovation of the former Tri Postal, to be converted into a 3,000 m² Conference and Exhibition Centre. 

EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique has contracted SOCOTEC to carry out the technical inspection and Health and Safety (SPS) coordination for this project. It also requested a Survey and Prevention service offered by SOCOTEC’s Bordeaux branch in addition to the initial bid. This service includes a structural survey to guarantee that the demolition work will not impact the structures of the building to be renovated, and to provide mandatory surveys (asbestos, lead, etc.) before destruction. The Prevention service is included in the SOCOTEC Safety Prevention coordination (SPS) assignment as part of the demolition work. 


visual of a building in tribequa

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Malika ABITE

Regional Sales Director of Aquitaine, Construction & Real Estate, SOCOTEC France

"Given its complexity and the diversity of the buildings, communication between the different operators will be essential for the success of this project. We have been involved from the very first discussions with the project owner, BNP Paribas Real Estate, to design our action and monitoring plan for all the key stages of this project. The challenge for our teams was to familiarise themselves with the file as soon as possible in order to anticipate any problems and secure the project. Our role as a trusted partner really came into its own."

Malika Abite, Aquitaine Regional Sales Director for SOCOTEC’s Construction & Real Estate BU

      TRIBEQUA district video

TRIBEQUA district video

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