The Municipal Water and Sanitation Company of Murcia, S.A. commissioned a building project located in Murcia, Spain.

The building prioritizes environmental and tectonic strategies, creating a bioclimatic design that emphasizes flexibility, comfort, and a homely atmosphere. The elegant vaults that crown the structure enhance indoor comfort, provide a domestic ambiance, and contribute to a strong external presence, enhancing the company's image.

General Information

Year: 2023

Client: Municipal Water and Sanitation Company of Murcia, S.A.

Location: Calle Pintor Molina Sánchez, s/n 30009 Murcia, Spain

Photography property: Vergelaria UTE (María Herranz Pintor, Manuel Leira Carmena, Nieves Mestre Martínez, Eduardo Roig Segovia, BAC Engineering Consultancy Group)

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Project summary

  • The building has a constructed area of ​​7,300 m2 (4,000 m² designed for offices and 3,300 m² for parking spaces).
  • The project is being developed by a team of architects made up of María Herranz Pintor, Manuel Leira Carmena, Nieves Mestre Martínez, Eduardo Roig Segovia.

SOCOTEC SPAIN oversees a wide range of engineering disciplines, including structures and facilities, and develops and implements a comprehensive sustainability strategy for projects.

Project details

  • In essence, the building's design can be visualized as a vaulted platform that accommodates most of the private program, elevated above a transparent ground floor that encompasses both the public and a portion of the private program. Additionally, two underground parking levels and facilities are incorporated. By allocating these elements below ground level, the surrounding plot perimeter and courtyards remain unobstructed, allowing for the incorporation of abundant trees and vegetation that lend the project its distinctive name.
  • The building seamlessly integrates a range of environmental and tectonic strategies, fostering a bioclimatic design approach that prioritizes flexibility, comfort, and a homely atmosphere within the office space.
  • The notable feature to emphasize is the array of vaults that elegantly crown the entirety of the elevated structure, except for a concealed strip along the street dedicated to installations. These vaults serve multiple purposes: they actively enhance indoor hygrothermal comfort conditions, imbue the workspace with a sense of domesticity, and contribute to projecting a strong external expression that bolsters the company's image.

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