The SOCOTEC teams support LIDL in the development of its logistics platforms throughout France. These are buildings with very specific characteristics, for which we offer a wide range of expertise.

Key information

Project name: Technical control and health and security coordination of LIDL warehouses

Client: LIDL

Size: More than 50,000 m² per warehouse

Location: France

Photo credit: LIDL

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Christophe HOOGEWYS

Director of Markets Logistics Retail Tourism

Director of Markets Logistics Retail Tourism

Project details

Over the last ten years, LIDL has experienced a rapid growth in France. The German brand now represents more than 6% of the French retail market, with a network of nearly 1,570 supermarkets throughout the country. In order to supply its network, LIDL is also developing logistics platforms. The company has decided to own and operate almost all of its platforms. Each project is an opportunity to improve ergonomics for employees and reduce the environmental impact.

LIDL involves us in almost all of its projects throughout France, for which we carry out all the technical control and health and security coordination tasks. Recently, we have been involved in projects for logistics platforms in Carquefou in Loire-Atlantique, Gondreville in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Donzère in the Drôme, Saint Augustin in the Hauts de France and Draguignan in the Var. Each of these warehouses represents a surface area of over 50,000 m². We also work on several warehouses in operation, for which we carry out regulatory checks and measurements.

We are also involved in the project for the company's new headquarters, a building of almost 40,000 m² located in Chatenay Malabry in the Hauts-de-Seine.

Description of the tasks assigned

Construction projects

  • Technical control of the construction, all assignments

Logistics warehouses are very special buildings. Their floor area of several tens of thousands of m², for example, requires the creation of huge concrete slabs. The question of their footprint is therefore fundamental during the design phase. Our added value will therefore focus in particular on anticipating the technical issues related to foundations, including in particular the parameters of soil roughness in the calculations. It is sometimes necessary to consider changing the site for this reason, so it is imperative to evaluate them very early in the project.

  • Health and security coordination
  • Assistance in preparing the ICPE file
  • Controlling the risk of explosive atmospheres (Donzere platform, 26): ATEX zoning, assessment of the suitability of equipment and writing the DRPCE

Platforms in operation:

  • Regulatory periodic inspections of equipment (electrical installations, lifting equipment, etc.)
  • Control of the risk of explosive atmospheres (Donzere platform, 26): ATEX zoning, evaluation of the suitability of equipment and drafting of the DRPCE
  • Environmental measurements and sampling (Rousset platform, 13):
  • Sampling and analysis of rainwater
  • Measurement of atmospheric pollutants at emission (boiler and generator)
  • Environmental noise measurements
  • COVID health audit on all logistics platforms

"One of the major challenges of these logistics projects is the timeframe. Most sites are completed in less than 18 months. So, in terms of both technical control and health and security coordination, the design phase is crucial. Our extensive experience feedback is therefore invaluable in anticipating most problems.”

Sébastien CHAPELLIER, Logistics Business Director, Construction & Real Estate BU

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