Project name: Grand Paris Express
Date: 2014
Clients: SGP, RATP; HORIZON Consortium (Bouygues – Solétanche Bachy); Eiffage; BOUYGUES, AVENIR Consortium
Location: Paris


Designed and undertaken by the developer Société du Grand Paris, the Grand Paris Express project commenced in 2010. It is expected to entail some twenty years of works, mostly underground. This new transport system, which will include up to 200 km of automatic lines, will encompass 68 new stations and as many districts: as part of the construction of the Grand Paris Express, four metro lines will be extended (4, 11, 12 and 14) and four new lines created (15, 16, 17 and 18). 

Key challenges: 

  • guaranteeing the robustness and durability of the structure
  • ensuring the safety of users in the stations and metro trains
  • guaranteeing reliable risk management of potential damage to existing buildings during a major underground infrastructure project of this magnitude.


SOCOTEC serves multiple stakeholders entrusted with parts of this project, in particular conducting external verifications of already-completed execution studies and building vulnerability studies.

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Jean-Marie STEINER

Managing Director, Infrastructure, SOCOTEC France and International

"Being part of the Grand Paris project is an opportunity for SOCOTEC to deploy all the aforementioned areas of technical expertise and develop new products to meet the needs of this exceptional undertaking. Our experts, engineers and technicians take up new customer challenges every day, helping to guarantee the project’s quality and minimize risks, while also establishing SOCOTEC as a committed player in the reshaping of the Paris region."

Jean-Marie Steiner, Managing Director, Infrastructure.


External verifications of execution studies (infrastructure)

  • Line 15 South:  T2A –T2B – T2D – T3A –T3B (5 different contracts and 3 major players: HORIZON, EIFFAGE, VINCI)
  • Line 17 North: Segment 1 (AVENIR Consortium)

Vulnerability of existing buildings during the design phase (building-construction/infrastructure)

  • Line 15 West (for SGP)
  • Line 14 South (for RATP)

Managing damage to existing buildings during the execution phase (infrastructure)

  • Line 15 South: T2A – T3A –T3B (HORIZON)

Technical Inspection of Line 16 (customer SGP) (building-construction)

OQA Line 14 (Client RATP) (infrastructure)

General services related to inspections on temporary structures

Key information

  • SOCOTEC involved in the project since 2014

  • Involves approximately 50 people from the SOCOTEC Group

  • Services provided on all key project segments 

  • 6000 buildings already serviced

      Let's create the "Metropole du Grand Paris" together

Let's create the "Metropole du Grand Paris" together

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