Development and operation of an online monitoring and analysis system.


Client: Emschergenossenschaft
Date: since 2014
Location: Essen, Germany
Size: 10 km tubbing route, 20 km of tubes

Photo credit © Sascha Kreklau


The construction phase 40 of the Emscher sewer tunnel consists of a 10km tubbing route (20 km of tubes as it is designed as a double tube system) from the Bernemündung to the pumping station Oberhausen. Our teams in Germany were commissioned to assist the construction by developing and implementing an online monitoring and analysis system.


The construction of the Emscher sewer tunnel process relies on mechanical drifts by tubbing construction.

Our experts developed and implemented a software system that allowed to capture data on the foundations of sewage tubs through the drifts. The software gathered a huge quantity of data, including : a) data of the tunneling machine, b) geodesic preservation of the surface and the moving of the sewage tubes and c) data of the construction of the sewage tubes.

These data are then processed by the software, which provides data visualization, analysis, documentation and monitoring. Alerts can be issued when some data are not within the norm. The data are saved in a central data bank and provided to users in real-time.


Photo copyright © Sascha Kreklau

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Managing Director of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany

Managing Director of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany

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