Reinforcing dikes in Meuse meanders

SOCOTEC Netherlands conducted a comprehensive deformation measurement and a pre construction survey for the 'Meanderende Maas' project. These essential assessments contribute to the implementation of legal safety standards, ensuring the protection of residents, businesses, and infrastructure from high water in Oss and Den Bosch.

Key information

Name: Dijkversterking Meanderende Maas

Date: 2021-2028

Client: Boskalis Nederland

Location: Section from Ravenstein to Lith

Project movie (in Dutch): De Meanderende Maas uitgelegd in een animatievideo - YouTube

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Uw specialist in monitoring - Teamlead accountmanagement

Uw specialist in monitoring - Teamlead accountmanagement

Summary of the project

SOCOTEC Risk Management & Claims carried out a deformation measurement in the preparatory phase of the project in order to map the autonomous settlement over an entire calendar year. SOCOTEC then prepared a monitoring plan for during the implementation phase. Before the actual start of work, SOCOTEC also carried out the architectural survey of the surrounding buildings adjacent to the work area.

Discription of the project

The ‘’Meanderende Maas’’ project will strengthen the Brabant Meuse dike from Ravenstein to Lith, give the Meuse more room on the Gelderland and Brabant sides and make the area more beautiful and economically stronger.

New legal safety standards from 2017 make it necessary to better protect around 270,000 residents, many businesses and valuable infrastructure behind the dike and in Oss and Den Bosch from high water.

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