Railway infrastructure and design inspections project

Railway infrastructure and design inspections


Name: 2nd phase of a project to complete the client’s rail network
Size: + 500 km of railway track


SOCOTEC is taking part in the second phase of the project to build a network of railways aimed at providing the cities of a large region with rail access. It is responsible for reviewing the design of the project’s most specific structures.


Phase 2 of the project covers more than 500 km of tracks, connecting many cities in a specific region. The customer’s ambition is to have a rail network of approximately 1,200 km by 2025.

As part of Phase 2, SOCOTEC, a leader in risk management and asset performance, has been put in charge of reviewing the designs for the infrastructure to be built, i.e. 22 framework bridges, 9 bridges and a 6-span pre-stressed box girder viaduct. Verifications are carried out on the integrity of each structure to assess their sturdiness and stability.

The local teams then carry out a detailed review of the design plans during the last phase. They are joined by several SOCOTEC Infrastructure specialists who carry out counter-calculations using their advanced technical software and modelling tools, which make it possible to process a large number of parameters.

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Deputy Director, Gulf Countries Division

Deputy Director, Gulf Countries Division



Director SOCOTEC Monitoring France - Director Infrastructure & Middle East Africa

Director SOCOTEC Monitoring France - Director Infrastructure & Middle East Africa

"The client asked the project manager to have the design of the most specialised structures verified by a third-party organisation. We were selected in part for our ability to independently carry out all structural calculations, even the most complex. It is based on our findings that the reliability of infrastructures and their level of security over time can be validated. Our work will also serve to confirm the technical guidelines, and thus limit errors in the execution studies that could lead to work being stopped."

Miguel Casanova, Deputy Director, Gulf Country Division

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