Preventing risks related to the construction of the To-Lyon tower

SOCOTEC is taking part in the construction of the new To-Lyon tower. Our experts worked on the prevention of construction-related risks and site installations, in particular cranes

Key information

  • Project name: Support for the To-Lyon project in the Part-Dieu district
  • Date: 2018-2023
  • Client: VINCI Immobilier VINCI Immobilier
  • Size: 170 meters high
  • Location: Lyon, Rhône

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Nicolas BLANGY

Building Director for the Rhone region

Building Director for the Rhone region

Project details

At 170 metres high and 42 floors high, the new To-Lyon tower will become a key element in the skyline of Lyon. This ambitious project, led by VINCI Immobilier, is part of the modernization of the Gare de la Part-Dieu and the surrounding area, and creates a link between the district and the multimodal hub designed to facilitate the development of sustainable mobility. This multi-faceted project is being carried out by SPL Lyon Part-Dieu, Gares & Connexion and VINCI Immobilier. It includes an extension of the station, with a new track, the addition of new services such as bicycle and cab stands and a 1,200-space parking lot, as well as the renovation of the entire Place Béraudier, which forms the western entrance to the station.

The To-Lyon tower rises above the Place Béraudier. With a total surface area of 80,000 m², it houses 66,000 m² of office space, a 4-star Pullman hotel of over 10,000 m², and 3,500 m² of retail space. The architecture, designed by Dominique Perrault, is distinguished by its glazed grid and reliefs, which reflect the light and change color throughout the day, like a kaleidoscope.

The offices and hotel were delivered in early November 2023.

Description of assignments

SOCOTEC is taking part in this emblematic project for the City, contributing its expertise in risk prevention in several areas: the technical aspects of the tower's construction on the one hand, and the control of site equipment, in particular cranes, on the other.

Technical inspection

  • Verification of all technical aspects of the project, from design to completion: strength of superstructure, thermal and acoustic performance, surroundings, etc.
  • Validation of compliance with safety regulations specific to high-rise buildings (IGH): fire resistance, fire safety, emergency resources (wet columns, sprinklers, etc.), evacuation, smoke extraction, etc.

Support and advice on the most complex technical issues:

  • Multi-faceted enamelled glass facade reflecting the light, special double-skin facade technique with low ventilation, with panels assembled together, with a strong emphasis on solidity and watertightness.
  • Exceptional infrastructure, in particular the cantilevered section suspended over the Pompidou Way.
  • Adaptation of fire-safety constraints to take account of the risk of fire spreading from another structure in the pole, interconnected with the tower.
  • Protection of the hotel from station vibrations, thanks to a system of foundations on spring boxes.
  • Regulatory inspections of site cranes
  • Checking the foundations, wind resistance and risk of telescoping each time the site's 5 cranes are erected, the largest of which is anchored to the building, which rises to a height of 176 metres.
  • Inspection of the site's electrical installations
  • Inspection of other lifting installations: crane lifts, window washers, etc

"With the To Lyon tower, SOCOTEC confirms its status as a key partner in the city's high-rise building projects. It's a source of great pride for the whole team to be able to contribute in this way to such structuring projects for our city".

Nicolas BLANGY, Building Director for the Rhone region.

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