Monitoring system and quality control of materials for the construction of the Trento rail bypass

Trento city rail bypass is a contemporary double track railway. The rail is long approximately 13 km, 11 of them are a double tube gallery. 

Key information:

Project name: Trento city rail bypass 

Date:  2023 - 2025 

Clients: Consortium Tridentum (Webuild, Ghella, Collini Lavori, Seli Overseas) 

Location: Trento City (Italy) 

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Giuseppe CAPUTO

Technical director SOCOTEC Italia

Technical director SOCOTEC Italia

Project summary:

The endeavor is one of the PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience) strategic projects to enhance the sustainable mobility in Italy, it will contribute to the transportation of the international goods and to the Country competitiveness. 

The work is on the strategic trans-European Munich-Verona axis and is part of a larger program of interventions to enhance mobility in the Trento area.  

The city rail bypass is the most important of these activities because it will help to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 65 thousand tons per year.


Project details:

SOCOTEC in Italy will support the Trento city rail bypass accomplishment in different ways, like: 

Test on material and mobile lab management: 

  • Qualification of materials, products and in-process control with a constant presence in the field ensuring careful and timely control 

Subsidence and vibration survey: 

  • Accurate monitoring of subsidence and vibration generated during the construction of the works for the Trento rail bypass. This aspect is crucial to ensure the structural safety and integrity of the constructions involved. 

Ground investigation and geotechnical sensor network: 

  • Performance of detailed ground and geotechnical investigations and installation of an advanced geotechnical sensor network for continuous monitoring. 

Monitoring measurement management system: 

  • A georeferenced Web-GIS platform to have a more efficient and visual management of all measurements, including topographic and geotechnical data that enables a complete and intuitive view of information, facilitating decision-making and information dissemination. 

SDD System (Data Dissemination System): 

  • Implementation of an advanced Data Dissemination System and Remote Control of Sensors and Alert Thresholds through a centralized system that enables prompt response to any anomalies or critical situations, ensuring proactive project management. 

The holistic SOCOTEC approach will ensure a full and punctual project monitoring, it will allow a fast and an efficient activities management and, also, a prompt response against challenges and critical situation.

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