SOCOTEC is responsible for the environmental coordination of all construction of the Lyon - Turin railway line project [France - Italy].


Name: Lyon-Turin railway line          
Client: TELT: Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin (tbc)
Date: 2018 - 2024
Size: 65 km         
Location: From Lyon to Turin via Chambéry 


SOCOTEC, a company active in risk management and asset performance, is responsible, among other services, for environmental coordination of the construction of the railway line between Lyon and Turin, which should be functional by 2030. At each stage, its Environment & Safety Business Unit will assist the project owner to ensure environmental compliance for this major infrastructure project.


Begun in 2014, the railway line project linking Lyon to Turin covers a 65 km route, and includes numerous structures: an international station, tunnels, bridges, etc. 2020 will mark the beginning of one of the most complex stages of the project: the construction of the Montcenis base tunnel.

The tunnel will consist of two 57 km-long tubes from Saint-Jean de Maurienne, France to Suze, Italy.

The development of this colossal infrastructure project involves many participants, including SOCOTEC's Environment & Safety Business Unit. For a minimum of 6 years, the Alps Environment & Safety agency has an unprecedented task: to ensure that the environment is protected during this infrastructure project. This agency will assist the project owner at all stages of the project, including the analysis of environmental issues and impacts, and the definition of an environmental management plan. In addition, it will be responsible for monitoring its application on logistics, rubble sorting and treatment sites, work sites, etc. related to its construction.

One of its main concerns will be respecting the environmental requirements related to sensitive natural or urbanised areas so that the infrastructure is built in compliance with environmental standards.

The project includes the construction of a high-speed railway line between Lyon, France and Turin, Italy, and includes the following components:

1. Construction of a 180 km high-speed railway line in France
2. Construction of a 77 km high-speed railway line in Italy
3. Construction of a 57 km base tunnel at Montcenis
4. Construction of four access tunnels to the base tunnel
5. Construction of railway tracks
6. Installation of safety systems
7. Installation of electrical systems
8. Installation of lighting systems


Length (tunnel): 57 kilometres (km)
Length (railway): 257 kilometres (km)


The aim of the project is to reduce the rail travel time between Paris and Milan from seven to four hours, and to shorten travel times between other major European cities.

The new rail link between Lyon and Turin is one of the major projects for the region over the next 15 years (theoretically it will be completed by 2030) and is co-financed by the European Union.

It includes 67 kilometres of new lines, 90% of which are in the 57.5 km of the twin-tube base tunnels. 

  • Work will take around a decade 
  • Budget of €8.6 billion for the entire cross-border section 
  • Bi-national governance for a cross-border project 
  • An essential link in the project to develop a new, modern and homogeneous trans-European rail network


  • Project management assistance task known as "Environmental coordination" for the work, logistics and rubble dumping sites affected by the works on the French part of the new Lyon-Turin rail link.
  • Health and safety coordinator on the SMP4 site (St Martin La Porte survey tunnel).
  • Technical inspection from 2004 to 2006 (checking compliance of the functional and technical studies of the preliminary project: Operation and Maintenance, Safety, Civil Engineering, Non-Railway Equipment, Geology and Environment).
  • Numerous interventions to check equipment and installations via the project managers and their subcontractors and as well as Technical Assistance.
  • Geophysical surveys, geotechnical laboratory tests and environmental analyses

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