ISO 50001 certification of the Louvre museum

SOCOTEC Certification France delivers ISO 50001 certification to the Louvre museum for its action in energy management efficiency. The Louvre museum is the first museum located inside a historical building to initiate this process.

Key information

Project : ISO 50001 certification of the Louvre museum

Client : Louvre museum

Date : 2020

Project details

Committed for more than 10 years to corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Louvre museum wants to continue its efforts to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and achieve its goal of reducing energy consumption by 10% over the next five years. To achieve this goal, the museum chose to set up an energy management system and sought to certify its approach with SOCOTEC, in order to perfectly integrate this management into its organisation and operations, via the ISO 50001 standard.

The ISO 50001 standard aims to improve energy performance by setting means through a continuous improvement process.

The Louvre museum's energy management system particularly focuses on consumption relating to lighting, heating and air-conditioning, which account for 70% of the institution's total energy consumption, across all of the museum's activities: fluid consumption, maintenance of networks and equipment, purchasing policy, staff training, raising awareness among service providers and visitors, etc.

It is also a question of integrating, right from the design phase of the works, technologies and processes that make it possible to optimise or reduce consumption.

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General Manager, SOCOTEC Certification International

General Manager, SOCOTEC Certification International

« The energy transitioning is one of society's key issues, aiming for each citizen, as well as for each public or private player to optimise its energy efficiency and consumption. It is an essential commitment at the heart of the city of the future for all types of buildings, if we want to reduce our impact on the environment and our country's carbon footprint. »

Hervé Montjotin, CEO of SOCOTEC Group


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