ISO 14001 eco-responsible certification for Toulon airport in France

SOCOTEC grants ISO 14001 certification to Toulon-Hyères airport.


Project name: ISO 14001 eco-responsible certification for Toulon airport
Date: 26 September 2019
Client: Toulon-Hyères Airport / VINCI Airports
Location: Hyères, France


SOCOTEC Certification France has awarded the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification to Toulon airport. This recognition rewards the quality of the measures taken to promote sustainable development, particularly in terms of energy savings and environmental performance.


The Toulon-Hyères airport is in the unique situation of being mixed use. On the one hand, it is a civil airport operated by VINCI Airports, through which more than half a million passengers travel per year, and on the other hand it is a naval air base for the French Navy.

For several years, this airport has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activity through the implementation of environmental management practices. In particular, it has focused its efforts on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The ISO 14001:2015 certification, issued by SOCOTEC Certification France on 26 September 2019, validates the commitment made at all levels and across all roles of the organisation, under the impetus of management, to protecting the environment while also taking changes in environmental conditions into account and considering current and future socio-economic needs.

A meeting is planned for June 2020 for the first monitoring audit.

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Operations Director SOCOTEC Certification International

Operations Director SOCOTEC Certification International

"Our auditor measured the expected results associated with each of the targets set by the airport as part of its environmental management system. He confirmed the compliance of the system with ISO:14001 certification requirements, and more specifically, the reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions achieved by Toulon airport’s efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. This certification reflects the airport's commitment to continuously improving its environmental performance. Additionally, our auditor made notes on what the airport could focus on before the certification follow-up audit next year."

Thomas HENNION, Director France SOCOTEC Certification International

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