SOCOTEC Netherlands was engaged to survey the property, in order to establish an energy label.

Key information

Name: Vaststellen energielabel Ultraware 

Date: april 2022 

Client: Ultraware 

Location: Assen

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Roan van der Veen

Building physics, EP consultant & thermographer

Building physics, EP consultant & thermographer

Project summary

Ultraware has been working on great customer projects for 20 years, where they provide custom software to make business processes easier, among other things. Ultraware strives to offer sustainable solutions to companies as well as educational institutions.

They do this from the most energy efficient office in Assen, with an energy label A+++++. 

SOCOTEC Netherlands was engaged to survey the property, in order to establish an energy label. It soon becomes clear that Ultraware has not only taken concrete measures in the thermal shell. Plenty of attention was also paid to the technology and regulation (Ultraware's own development) of this to reduce primary fossil energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energy. 


Project details

As is often the case, SOCOTEC Netherlands was asked to draw up an energy label for a commercial property. The special thing about this assignment, however, is that we were asked to draw up a detailed energy label for a building built in 1996. This meant that Ultraware itself also had to gather evidence of the insulation thicknesses applied in the form of photos and invoices. That worked out well in this case, because during the extensive renovations over the years, a lot was preserved to make this happen. New architectural drawings were even made during the project to get the current situation as accurate as possible again. In addition, there has been thorough investment in the installation system in recent years. This in combination with more than 200 PV panels on the roof and facades and the smart technology developed by Ultraware itself resulted in the best possible energy label: A+++++.

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